This time around, Zio-Nazi Ukraine
is playing the part of Nazi Germany
in a long-planned Khazarian scheme
to trigger World War III as a pretext
to forming a totalitarian One World
Government, fully implementing
their New World Order agenda and
executing their civilization-destroying
Great Reset.

SOTN Editor’s Note: The following exposé provides the back story to the greatest theft of wealth ever perpetrated in world history.  Truly, the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act of 1913, which was unlawfully passed via an elaborate Khazarian criminal conspiracy, created the conducive environment for a century of highly consequential cataclysms to unfold around the globe by way of an immense amount of stolen wealth. See: The World Wars And All Other Cataclysmic Events Were Carried Out By THE TRIAD

KEY POINTS: The very telling historical timeline of those “Cataclysmic Events” irrefutably proves that the illicit establishment of the U.S. Federal Reserve System was the most defining moment in modern history.  For the Khazarian Cabal was essentially given secret and unfettered access to the U.S. Treasury from which to fund their world wars and regional armed conflicts, color revolutions and civil wars, staged pandemics and real epidemics, acts of nuclear, chemical & biological terrorism, mass shootings and mass bombings, economic depressions and financial destructions, monetary meltdowns and currency wars, market manipulations and gold price suppressions, real estate collapses and stock market crashes, corporate takeovers and government takedowns, weather warfare and geoterrorism, false flag operations and shocking violent attacks, etc.  The Khazarians were also given free access to every other central bank on the planet via their highly controlled Central Banking Cartel.  However, it’s the continuous cover-ups of so many Khazarian-directed national crime sprees and global crime waves which have required an enormous amount of funding and personnel, energy and resources in order to be effective. Just imagine how much money was required to pull off and cover up the COVID CON alone.  Which is why the entire planetary civilization has been victimized by one gold robbery after another over centuries, all of them carried out by the ubiquitous Khazarian Mafia (further delineated and documented below).

CAVEAT: The stunning list of genocidal crimes against humanity shown in “THE TRIAD” link posted above is but a foreshadowing of what the Khazarian Cabal has planned for the whole world community of nations going forward.  For their coup de grâce is the rapidly evolving World War III which has been stealthily engineered across the regional geopolitical chessboard surrounding Ukraine from 2014 to 2022 only to be expanded worldwide throughout 2023 and beyond.  Only this time around, Ukraine is Germany. As for the United States and the Russian Federation, they are being quite intentionally pitted against one another so that the two traditionally Christian nations will totally destroy each other … … … leaving only the Khazarian Zionists to rule the world from their capital in Jerusalem.

By understanding the many heretofore hidden disclosures made below, it will be very easy to understand the Khazarian game plan to use the fog of WW3 to first conduct a controlled demolition of the Global Economic & Financial System, which will then be followed by their long-planned Great Reset.  Of course, the extraordinary chaos, confusion and conflict deliberately created by the carefully fabricated COVID-19 Plandemic was an integral piece of this world takeover scheme.

Lastly and most importantly, every reader is encouraged to understand the striking parallels between the pre-Second World War period and the current pre-World War III period we have been witnessing since the 9/11.  What the Khazarians inflicted on Germany during that time frame beginning with the First World War and Great Depression is analogous to how Ukraine has been systematically destroyed from within by the Khazarian oligarchs, as well as by Zio-Anglo-American meddling (e.g. CIA-coordinated Maidan Revolution, NATO encroachment on Russia via Ukrainian territory, neoliberal agenda foisted on Kiev by international criminal George Soros, Burisma Holdings corruption facilitated by the Biden Crime Family, Pentagon-sponsored bioweapon labs, outright interference by arch-Neocon Zionist Victoria “F*ck the EU” Nuland, etc.).

In other words, Ukraine has been insidiously set up, just as Germany was during WW2, to wage a world war against Russia.  Since the crash of 2000 and 9/11 terror attacks, the global geopolitical chessboard has been surreptitiously rearranged to fully optimize the Khazarian Cabal’s Ordo ab Chao strategy.  The key piece on that grand chessboard is Kiev because of Ukraine’s proximity to Moscow.  For it has always been the goal of the Great Game, first launched by Khazarian banksters in the City of London, to first surround Russia before taking over the Russian capital just as the same international Khazarian crime syndicate did during the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.  And, just as both Napoleon and Hitler attempted to do on orders of their Khazarian masters.

In point of fact, Ukraine, more than any other nation on Earth except the Modern State of Israel, has been completely owned and operated by the Khazarian Mafia practically forever.  Because the territories of the Ukraine were once their ancestral homeland known as the Khazar Khaganate, they are determined to push the Slavic peoples off their lands after killing as many as possible in the utterly treasonous Ukraine War prosecuted by the traitorous Kiev Khazarians.  Which is why a Zio-Nazi warmonger and Khazarian war criminal like Zelensky was purposefully installed as prime minister by his Khazarian Zionist masters.  The primary Khazarian objective at this late date, however, is to push the whole world into a global hot war.

“At the end of the day, all wars are started by the banksters—Ashkenazi banksters conspiring with
Zionist warmongers, Black Nobility war profiteers
and the Khazarian Mafia.”

— Revisionist Historians for World Peace

Exactly who are the “Barbarian Khazarians”?

While the answer to that crucial question is really quite complicated, understanding this untold back story provides an excellent point of departure: How the Khazarian Cabal has effectively controlled Ashkenazi Jewry so it can rule planet Earth from behind the veil.

State of the Nation
February 11, 2023

N.B. Now read the actual historical blueprint below that was scrupulously followed by the Khazarian Cabal pre-WW2 to correctly comprehend the script being parroted today in the lead-up to their meticulously designed World War III.

Exposé: Khazarian-Contrived World War III Following WW2 Blueprint

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