Here’s how the Khazarian Cabal is stealthily setting up the global geopolitical chessboard for the hot phase of WW3.

World’s Superpowers Put Their Cards on the Table:
WWII is Inevitable, Russia And China Moving Toward
Mutual Defense Pact?

Submitted by An Armchair Geopolitical Analyst

The first story is one of those stories that writers sometimes pen, which could have been, and perhaps should have been two separate stories. The author — Leo Hohmann — whom I read regularly because of his adeptness in assessing macro-geopolitical statecraft (a.k.a. Globalization) was able to blend these two closely related, but nonetheless separate stories seamlessly. Those two stories being an emerging, but very predictable, Russia/China political/military/economic axis and the coming nuclear conflagration in Eastern Europe/Europe. I say predictable, because there seem to have emerged over the recent past a schism between the Globalist forces of the west and those in China/Asia bloc.

That said, up until very recently I was incredulous to believe that a nuclear war was on the horizon, however, I’ve since changed my opinion. This story will provide you some basic insight into the signs to be watchful of that war is on our doorstep.

1. LEO HOHMANN: World’s Superpowers Threw Their Cards on the Table This Week and Every One of Them Came Up in Favor of WWIII | The Gateway Pundit

2. Putin says Russia to deploy Sarmat nuclear missiles [Video] – AOL News
3. Are Russia and China Moving towards a Mutual Defense Pact? | The Gateway Pundit
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