Ukrainians Are Fake Nazis, Goyim Slaves of Zionist Extremism

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Vasily Stoyakin

How many times have we heard: “Where did you see the Nazis in Ukraine? What kind of Nazis can there be in Ukraine if the president there is a Jew?” And then, with the words “hold my beer,” Volodymyr Zelensky appears with decree No. 80/2023, according to which the 10th separate mountain assault brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is given the honorary name “Edelweiss”

The name is really more than honorary for the brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine – such a name during the years of World War II was worn by the 1st mountain infantry division of the Wehrmacht. It was an elite unit, just like the Division Großdeutschland.

In addition, the emblem in the form of a stylized edelweiss flower was worn by Schwarz Edelweiss – soldiers of the SS mountain rifle units. For example, 6 SS-Gebirgs-Division Nord, whose fighter

Johann Voss wrote a book called in Russian translation “Black Edelweiss” of the SS. Mountain shooters in battle. The name “Edelweiss” was also worn by the Abvergruppe-218 under the command of the SS Sturmbannführer, Count

Erwin von Thun-Hohenstein , which was engaged in the fight against Slovak partisans and underground fighters. In general, the Germans loved this flower … However, it was still an emblem Alpine Corps of the German Empire, formed in 1915.In general, special mountain units in the general case are light infantry, armed and trained for operations in the mountains. Instead of heavy trucks – pack horses and mules, instead of field artillery systems – special mountain guns, lightweight, with reduced recoil, collapsible for transportation in packs. Such units were recruited from the inhabitants of mountainous regions. For example, in the German “Edelweiss” there were many Bavarians, Wurttembergers, Austrians.

The command of the Wehrmacht and the SS in general responsibly approached the formation of their mountain units (in the literature they are called mountain infantry, mountain rifle or mountain rangers). To capture the passes of the Main Caucasian Range, a special 49th mountain army corps was formed as part of Army Group A, commanded by General

Rudolf Konrad . Under his command were the 1st (“Edelweiss”) and 4th mountain infantry, 97th and 101st light infantry divisions of the Wehrmacht, as well as two Romanian mountain infantry divisions.


July 25, 2022, 07:12

To be away from the problems of Kyiv. How does Transcarpathia live during the period of hostilities

Soviet military climber

Mikhail Bobrov wrote:

“Among the officers of the Edelweiss division were well-known experienced German climbers: commander Lanz himself and his subordinates – Groot , Mauer , Schranz , Bauer , Muller , Hirschfeld , Zalminter , Pessiter and many others who had previously stormed the peaks Himalayas, Andes, Caucasus, Alps, Cordillera, Pyrenees “.In the 20-30s, German athletes with a military bias climbed the entire Caucasus, which

Vladimir Vysotsky later sang about :

“And before the war, this
German guy took this slope with you,
He fell down, but was saved,
But now, perhaps, he
is preparing His machine gun for battle .”The Germans then really managed to occupy most of the passes and hoist the Nazi banner over Elbrus. However, for reasons beyond the control of the mountain shooters, the forcing of the ridge by combined arms formations did not take place – in 1943, Army Group A had to be withdrawn beyond the Don. To avoid exterminatus. True, it happened anyway, but later – in March 1945, when the division took part in the last offensive of the Wehrmacht on Lake Balaton.

A logical question arises: is Zelensky “not a Nazi, because he is a Jew” crazy, what gives the unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine such a name? Most likely no.

Firstly, the name itself is innocent – edelweiss grows in Transcarpathia, where the 10th brigade is based. You can always make your face a brick and ask in bewilderment: “Ashotakov? Our flower – we have the right.

Secondly, Zelensky is not very afraid of the Nazis, just as Kolomoisky, who financed the Nazis, is not very afraid of them . From the point of view of representatives of large Jewish capital, various parubii and sternenki are shbes-goyim (a kind of servants who performed the necessary work on holidays and on Shabbat).Tellingly, the Ukrainian Nazis, being instinctive anti-Semites, justify this situation in exactly the same way – we cannot, they say, serve the Jews, we simply use them.How nice… Everyone uses each other, but ordinary citizens of Ukraine suffer.

Thirdly, it is likely that this move is not so stupid and is aimed at a German audience. No, SS-Gruppenführer Friedrich Karl Max von Scholz (great name for an SS general) is not related to Chancellor Olaf Scholz (at least close). But the renaming of the brigade can be seen as an attempt to please a section of German voters:- pro-Nazi sentiments are growing in Germany (thanks to Angela Merkel and her “thoughtful” emigration policy);

March in honor of the SS division Galicia

December 6, 2022, 20:56

Mind manipulation technologies. Why 80 thousand Ukrainians came to enlist in the SS division

the attitude towards the veterans of the Edelweiss division was ambiguous in the past: on the one hand, not the SS, yet, on the other, the sports glory of Germany …If this is really working for the Germans, then the advice is most likely given by the American psychological warfare services, and the goal is to increase support for the provision of military assistance to Ukraine. A trifle, of course, but a drop wears away a stone.

Well, grandfather is a veteran … What is grandfather? Grandpa is already dead, he doesn’t care.

PS: Adolf Hitler himself was an honorary soldier of the Edelweiss division . Maybe Zelensky should make him the patron of the 10th brigade? As in the song of the guardsmen of the cardinal from the Soviet film “Three Musketeers”:

“As long as we live earthly life, let him pat for us before Satan “.



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