13 Reasons Why Andrew Tate Works For The CIA

Here are 13 rational reasons why one might assume Andrew Tate works for the CIA.

  1. We know Andrew Tates dad was CIA.

  2. Andrew Tate’s logo is almost identical to CIA’s logo for PSYOP (psychological operation).

  3. Both Andrew and his brother formed a triangle with their hands when arrested (shows allegiance to the system).

  4. Andrew blew up overnight due to being artificially pushed by the algorithms (CIA control these tech companies).

  5. Andrew Tate was picked to go onto Big Brother when 18 – with zero qualifications!

  6. In the famous Greta video he says “Here is a new episode of the clown show”. Clown = CIA.

  7. Andrew Tate seems to have gotten a lot of outside expert help when running his businesses.

  8. Andrew Tate has literally said on camera that he is “controlled opposition”.

  9. Andrew Tate got “canceled” and arrested at peak fame – so that the news would hit as hard as possible.

  10. He went onto Piers Morgan TWICE right after being “canceled”. Piers Morgan is an agent of the system. These interviews were uploaded directly to Youtube for maximum exposure.

  11. The brothers did not sell their “highly successful” 75-girl webcam company making 600k/month. Instead, they abandoned it! Does that makes sense?

  12. The company did not pay taxes. So there is no evidence the company even existed. It might have been a 5-girl webcam company.

  13. The system hasn’t done anything to stop them. The CIA could easily have killed the brothers or anybody they love.

You can read the full text here with all the supporting evidence. This text was published on Substack under the pseudonym “Swedish Freak”.

Text link: https://swedishretard.substack.com/p/andrew-tate-is-100-a-cia-asset

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