Was the George Floyd ‘killing’ just another highly choreographed false flag hoax?

What follows is a perceptive comment from an SOTN reader

Never heard of cops being called so soon for a counterfeit 20 … They show up fast—4 cops. 2 vehicles.  Then the Emergency Med People show up … and they have police uniforms on with armored bullet proof vests on… and they have pistols..never heard of that …  Then the guy they arrest: he is not even the cop who put the knee on the guy on the ground…  The person they actually arrested is much younger … and the features just don’t match …  Check it out… This crap had to be a Gladio Operation set up… a Staged Event, False Flag, that was all set up … Even one of the cops who is not white was a crisis actor at Sandy Hook … Plus the Black Guy was a porn star and this one porn girl is married to this cop…hmm, man its more and more fishey … … … right on cue, OBAMA is now on CNN.   — JTMR

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