OPERATION COVID-19: NSA John Bolton’s Main Mission

As the 27th United States National Security Advisor,
John Bolton was fired by President Trump with the
strategic timing of September 10th of 2019, just over
one month before 2019 Military World Games were
held in Wuhan, China where the COVID-19 bioweapon
was repeatedly released by U.S. special operations forces,
C.I.A. agents and foreign intelligence assets during the
October 18-27 time period.


The US Army Brought COVID-19 to China with Fake ‘Military Games’ Team

Comment below posted by Konehead

Problem with vaccines is they will not work so well with very unstable lab engineered bioweapons like Covid-19 is.
What Iran was hit with a whole different Bioweapon, designed to target not Chinese but Persians.
Look evidence of how 24 countries are affected right after Wuhan goes “viral” in January, But then 85 new countries, get hit right after city of Qom in Iran has the first cases in Iran, reported around Feb 19.
Look at it evidence of how those 85 countries had their first cases from infected Iranians…it spread through world from blowback of Iran being hit, not spreading from China, but Iran
These two countries hit separately with different virus bioweapons. Wuhan had a “designer” type that targeted a Chinese population, while Iran received one that targets a Persian population.
Italy was next, then Spain because their genomes similar to Persian and so it spread aggressively in those two countries. Then virus
Trump was probably fully aware of Wuhan “soft weapon” attack and he probably did get vaccinated in November.
I will bet the whole operation set in place in September when Bolton was sec of state. They waited for Wuhan military olympic games to release the “humanitarian” Bioweapon that does not kill children, is no worse than a bad flu, and only way to stop spread is lockdown and quarantine, so it will freeze labor force in China, which it did.


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