The Hexagram on Saturn

Posted by Jim Stone
Freelance Journalist

I am going to leave yesterday’s main article near the top today because it is a solid possible explanation for why the white race is being destroyed, and because I had significant connection problems and need to work the alt income plan.

A few quick items –

SOTN: The greatest success in the history of alt media (I agree)

The destruction of Western civilization started after the production and use of nuclear weapons. And I’d like to make a suggestion as to why.

There’s probably a habitable zone set up on Saturn, and “they” don’t want us visiting them with nukes.

Did I read this anywhere? NO. But for what reason would the likes of George Soros, Klaus Schwab, and in general, the greater Jewish community want this civilization wiped out completely, so far gone that the ethics and education methods are eradicated as well? Seems to me that under circumstances most are aware of, excluding any outside reason, they’d want this civilization to advance as much as possible so they can go off-planet too. Why would they be doing everything they can to destroy and demonize the white race and prevent it? A POSSIBLE ANSWER: The hexagram on Saturn.

I doubt many Jews would have been told that there’s a base there, but all it would take is for a few inhabitants of Saturn to come to earth, mingle with the people, manipulate things, get put in charge of the most influential groups, and then manipulate the Jews into doing their dirty work so the nuclear threat is done away with in the name of their own “global security”.

Con artists have explained Saturn’s hexagram as a weather anomaly, and something “natural”. That’s pure unadulterated bullshit, that hexagram is caused, if there was anything natural about it we’d have, at least once, seen a perfectly formed hexagram on earth also and it has never happened. The bottom line is that if anyone using Jewish symbolism, perhaps not even Jewish, simply using Jewish style symbolism set a habitable zone up that was a creation of theirs, why not have it be a hexagram? The Jews incorporate hexagrams into damn near everything they can think of, and are morally split from the rest of humanity sufficiently to destroy it with abject zeal. They’d be a natural choice for an off-world entity to use for doing dirty work.

Crazy? Or enough to make you think? If Western civilization had not been stopped, people would have been to Saturn by now, we did after all have nuclear rockets on the drawing board SINCE 1955 that would have worked well enough by expelling the propellant mass at far greater speed and force than anything we have now, many times more potent than anything we were allowed to have . . . .

This writeup on nuclear rockets is a load of hogwash that totally conceals the actual possible time line, written to pacify those who have been screaming about this for decades. It will never happen, there were the same articles in the 1960’s and 1970’s, “2001, a space odyssey,” with HAL the computer was done in the 1960’s and had a space ship with this system, a ship which could have happened easily on the time scale that movie claimed but somehow became as elusive as Iran’s nuclear weapons, always “2 weeks away”, never to be seen. And it won’t be seen, EVER, most likely because someone off planet does not want us having that.

2001, a Space Odyssey was so accurate and forward looking that it had tablet computers IDENTICAL to what we have now, right down to the correct navigation buttons that ended up on most smartphones and all tablets. Update: the buttons have been switched to not match now, (like so many things mandela) but the concept still shows well enough, The rest of the movie was not a screw up, it should have happened and did not, why?

Now the white male is under a vicious assault and has been under that assault in earnest, in the universities, since the early 90’s. Why? Because white males invented rockets. White males invented nukes. White males invented computers, cars, airplanes and damn near everything else, so if white males have the ability to threaten your world with nukes, white males must be destroyed.

It just might all be as simple as that.


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