Where the hell is Congress?!

Corrupt Congress Critters Continue to
Cover Up the Khazarian Criminal Conspiracy
to Commit the Covid ‘Vaccine’ Genocide
Against the American People

Submitted by The Angry Patriot
SOTN Exclusive

While the House is raising hell about the true COVID-19 lab leak theory, countless Americans in all 5o states are dropping like flies from the extremely poisonous and often fatal Covid injections.

When they’re not dying suddenly from ‘SADS’, they are dying horrible deaths from a plethora of Covid ‘vaccine’-induced diseases and injuries including VAIDS (vaccine-induced AIDS).

Then there are the staggering number of vax victims who are seriously sick and ill, wounded and weakened, diseased and debilitated, paralyzed and incapacitated, injured and maimed, disabled and handicapped, mutilated and disfigured, etc.

No one even talks about the untold stories of excruciating emotional pain and mental anguish and psychological suffering experienced by the family and friends of those who were criminally coerced, compelled and conned into taking the Covid killshots, clotshots and cancershots.

The number of defenseless children and teenagers as well as powerless young adults alone — who have died from or are now sentenced to a life of myocarditis, pericarditis and other rare heart conditions — is as inexcusable as it is outrageous.

Congressional Kabuki Theater of Criminality & Corruption

Do you see how they do it?

Distraction!  Distraction!  Distraction!

Really, what is more urgent?  What is more dire than the ongoing Covid vax genocide?  What’s more desperately needed at this critical moment in U.S. history than to shut down every single Covid vaccination program across the USA post-haste?!

Surely folks know by now that the United States Congress has morphed into a Kabuki Theater that runs nonstop and is staffed by very bad actors who couldn’t even make it in Hollyweird.

Isn’t that right — that their explicit role inside the Beltway theater, as assigned by the Khazarian directors and producers is to distract, divert and misdirect?  To distract incessantly from the Covid injection crime spree of the past.  To divert everyone’s attention from the upcoming Covid jab crime wave of the future.  And to misdirect anyone who is getting too close to hard evidence proving the Covid vax extermination plan in the present.

Very few folks even know that one of the primary reasons that the J6 COINTELPRO operation was executed was to provide the biggest distraction possible while every American who can be Covid conned is jabbed again and again and again.

That’s why these murderous Khazarian agents and Big Pharma operatives were installed in their positions of power and influence in the first place—to commit a slow-motion genocide against the American people.

And, the Khazarian Cabal knew that the single best way to cavalierly continue this “Covid Holocaust” was to tie up Congress with one drama after another, one investigation after another, one false flag operation after another, one hearing after another, one conspiracy after another, one terrorist attack after another, etc.

Which means that the combative Republicans in the House are now following scripts to  kick up a fuss about practically everything but the Covid shot catastrophe.  Wow!  Just WOW!!!!!!

COVID Killshot • COVID Clotshot • COVID Cancershot

So, just to put this whole genocidal scheme into proper perspective, the RINOs who control the House have been given hard proof that all Covid ‘vaccines’ have been scientifically proven to function as “Killshots, Clotshots & Cancershots” and yet they still have not even … … …

Really, where in
God’s creation is
the US Congress?!

The Angry Patriot
State of the Nation
March 9, 2023

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