Really, politicians order masks and social distancing one week while protesting with the rioters the next week!

‘I can’t take the lies anymore!’: Glenn Beck goes on FIERY rant over left’s civil rights HYPOCRISY

He’s NOT happy

The Blaze

Glenn Beck has had enough! Do politicians on the left actually stand for anything they preach? Because one month ago they were locking people inside their homes, arresting business owners, and destroying our economy. They said it was necessary. They said millions of Americans would die from COVID-19 if we didn’t step in line, close our doors, and let our neighbor’s livelihoods be destroyed.

But now, those very same leaders are out in the streets, surrounded by masses of people, marching in protests without a thought about COVID-19. What happened to social distancing? What about the all-important masks?

The left called the Tea Party protests violent. But now, according to CNN, violence should be expected when fighting injustices. And while riots destroy our cities and our nation burns, sharing our thoughts in the electronic “public square” only brings even stronger efforts to edit unpopular opinions out of existence.

“I can’t take the lies anymore. I can’t take the spin. I can’t take trying to be nice, trying to be reasonable. I can’t take it anymore!” said Glenn as he launched into a fiery rant over the left’s hypocrisy about America’s civil rights, violent riots, and volatile race relations.

Watch the video below to hear more from Glenn:


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