Is A New Pearl Harbor On The Way?!?!

N. B.: This is a speculative musing intended for discussion. It does not represent an
exhaustive examination of the topic and may need to be revised to increase the
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Carlsbad, CA
March 13, 2023

Ufology Update: Will “Mothership” Be Used To Trigger A New Pearl Harbor?!?

by Rich Scheck

It now seems inevitable: a new false flag event designed to divert attention from the swarm of Biden crises and provide a pretext for war that will allow for the implementation of a command economy, martial law, and massive censorship.

This appears to be the only remaining measure available for the current leaders of the two-winged war party that constitutes the Military Industrial Complex/Washington Consensus in favor of endless wars for Empire.

What else can they do to maintain control of their rapidly collapsing and bankrupt system?

The managed decline of the economy with leaders kicking the can down the road for decades is now producing runs on the failed banks and promises to bail them out to assuage depositors.

All this while Yellen is in Kiev supporting that insane war that is costing billions to protect the Ukraine border while our own is breached daily by those inspired to come here by Biden’s criminal policies.

It’s a long predicted disaster that is now playing out before our eyes as we watch America burn at home and cause multiple fires around the world.

In the past we have seen events like Pearl Harbor, the Gulf of Tonkin attack and 9/11 used to distract the public from focusing on domestic issues and foreign entanglements to promote interventionist wars.

Now lurking in the background with all the talk about UFOs these days is a possible Project Blue Beam, Alien Invasion Scenario. Recent reference to the possibility of a “Mothership” relying on Artificial Intelligence co-authored by Israeli intel asset, Avi Loeb, raises the specter of that event being used to trigger a new Pearl Harbor pretext to achieve the goal of full spectrum dominance.

We are seeing the end of the dollar empire and the last gasp of Pax Americana with Russia and China forced to collaborate against the hegemonic pretensions of the West.

With Israel suffering internal turmoil as well, the question remains whether they will set in motion the pending false flag event as Bibi looks to exploit the current crisis by once again playing puppeteer to his bought-off friends in both parties for a war against arch-enemy Iran.

It is hard to find the right label for this unique moment. But whichever one you pick, be sure it reflects the treachery and seriousness embedded in the unfolding darkness.

Please prepare as best you can while praying this doom and gloom picture is somehow avoided. But do not be surprised in the coming days if a new Pearl Harbor/911 type attack occurs, this time in the form of an Alien Invasion Scenario run by a “Mothership” like a scene out of District 9, Independence Day and many other modern sci-fi films with that theme.


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