“Creative loafers unite!”

Q-Lethal Cogitation

Submitted by Jack Suss

Benjamin West (1738-1820), Death on the Pale Horse (1817)

Q, Q-drops, Q-crumbs, and all of that Q-business has been on my mind lately. I certainly do hope there is a “plan,” as in “follow the plan” <= one that was initiated long ago, connected up to “white hats” (or the “Self-Organizing Collective” => SOC for short).

There has always been talk that the Q-phenomenon is connected up to military intelligence. It first manifested in 2017. Therefore, it was immediately associated with President Trump (though 45 has disavowed any direct involvement). There has also been talk about the involvement of JFK, Jr. <= but drop the “Jr.” now that Dad has been long gone, since 1963.

Personally, I believe that “Junior” still lives and is part of this Q-thingy; just as some patriots tend to believe that some sort of covert alliance has been working steadily since about 1963 to correct the course of our American nation. In fact, there’s a rumor “out there” that Junior faked his death, then hid-out in a monastery somewhere in Europe and is soon to return as his old magazine, GEORGE, makes a revived digital debut.

There’s a smidgeon of evidence on the case for a covert White Hat or SOC alliance. Colonel Donn de Grand Pré, the reputed author of Barbarians inside the Gates: The Black Book of Bolshevism (GSG & Associates, 2000) is reported to have said (source: reliable patriot) that there is a secret military embedded within all branches called the New Virginia Army originally set up by Thomas Jefferson to safeguard the Republic against the Illuminati. Ever heard that one before?

All told, I hold out an enduring hope that the Good Guys truly exist and are there working, not only toward the good of our country, but for the elimination of the Bad Guys from the entire planet (at least the surface of it and also, hopefully, whatever scum exists in our planet’s own underworld, or underbelly, if you’re a flat-Earther).

Having just waded through a few new books[1] “out there” I am guardedly optimistic (while feeling strangely vulnerable) that the forces of truth, justice and the (real) American way are spearheading the Good Lord’s plan for humanity’s final redemption.

I hope so, because Union Terror nails it as far as the unlawfulness of Lincoln and Grant in acquiescing to Sherman’s pillaging of the South, from Atlanta to the sea and then on to his hideous destruction of South Carolina. And Stalking the Great Whore, like a grisly, Illuminati detective novel, confirms the internal societal rot that has persisted and has most assuredly spread since that time. Terror, whether overt or covert, has cowed the general public and made cowards of those in “public service.”

The Pale White Horse beholds you!

Now, enter the next phase: artificial intelligence (AI). With all of the phoniness already permeating the socio-political, media and banking landscape, it now takes a synthetic brain to keep it all together. Warnings about AI have gone out from shills like Elon Musk to geo-political leaders such as Vladimir Putin.

Who among us really notices the import of that second word, “Intelligence”? Author of the Weird, Miles Mathis, has been ranting for years that intelligence agencies have been controlling the people. So if all industries, professions, and religions—all of government at every level—schools, universities, corporations, media, and especially finance and banking—if all of these have been infiltrated and subverted from within, the barbarians are truly well inside the gates and…surprise!: we are already conditioned to the AI world.

Q-Anons beware! Are you following an AI program? Have the good guys taken significant historical dates, the occult significance of numbers, the whole roundhouse shitaree of everything, crammed it all into a super-computer in order to just let ‘er rip—to voodoo the  voodoo man, to hex our keepers? If so, are we unwitting/ willing participants in the “AI dance”? Good, bad, or just “is”?—you decide. (My vote: just “is”)

Knowing the connective tissue that keeps things in place, that orders things, that orders you and me and others to regard the shapes-of-things in our world—that fills us with hopium, either to allay fear or to belay action—behold the manipulation! Behold the master AI genius of infowar-infotainment-distraction deluxe! Behold the new class of news junkie minions, the untrained journalists of chirp and chatter! Behold our new AI world, oh stage-managed morons (sorry, not your fault, not our fault—it’s all their fault, of course).

I’ve never been an activist—never wanted to be. The old action/ reaction cause-and-effect delusion, maintained and controlled within each compartmentalized domain of allowed performance, of protest permits and fenced-in follies, just adds to the never-ending, non-producing, nothingness of another day (usually). Non merci!

Instead I say, “Creative loafers unite!” Create your own change-path that predicts and promotes things above and beyond that AI synthetic brain; go beyond fear, loathing, yapping about the latest jibber-jabber. Knowing the falsity, do not play along with those “expected” human roles—that makes you savvier than the most expensive and ingenious AI idiot mind that’s ever been put together by intelligence operatives and their scientism-run-amok.

The human being’s imagination and creativity are the preferred weapons in the word-war that image makers and policy wankers are forever re-breeding at digital nano-speed. Go out and make something, each and every day. That’s not only the best payback, it’s the most therapeutic and healthful thing peoples everywhere can do in this age of the hideous machine!

Yes, I say it and say it loud: “Creative loafers unite!” The “plan” was initiated long before the first boneheads ever banded together; the “plan” is a spiritual one beyond the vagaries of worldly bickering. Use your imaginative faculties, slow-down and breathe, then be one with this otherworldly intelligence beyond the artifices of mere mortals. Go beyond your human potential, oh human beans, realize yourselves, and unleash your immense, innate capabilities upon those whose only delight is to terrorize us.

Jonathan David Suss (aka Jack Suss / Wyman Wicket) is a cultural mutant American State National author whose writings of red-pilled magic realism and more (e.g., the Soul Enticed trilogy) can be accessed here: https://wymanwicket.com/book

[1] Dr. Jeffrey F. Addicott, Lt. Colonel (US ARMY, ret.) BA, JD, LLM (2), SJD, Union Terror: Debunking the False Justifications for Union Terror Against Southern Civilians in the American Civil War (Shotwell Publishing, 2023); and James Shelby Downard, Stalking The Great Whore: The Lost Writings of James Shelby Downard, (GORIGHTLY PUBLICATIONS, 2023, Foreward by Adam Gorightly and Afterword by Dr. Richard B. Spence)


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