Seven HUGE Takeaways on the Impending Arrest of President Trump

Capt. Seth Keshel
Captain K’s Corner

The distress call rang out early this morning over Truth Social and, despite the revelation of such predictable judicial corruption, brought about tremendous shock.  President Trump announced that a plan was in place to have him arrested three days from now, on Tuesday, March 21.

If this arrest comes to fruition, it will go down as an even bigger political hitjob than the RussiaGate conspiracy, especially since no former U.S. President has ever faced charges in the history of the country. The Manhattan District Attorney’s office is seeking to snare Trump into the Stormy Daniels dispute, alleging that Trump violated campaign finance laws in his dealings with Daniels.

Trump has called for protests, and right on cue, the mainstream media is trying to liken the call to the so-called January 6, 2021, insurrection. The reader must remember in translating media-speak that protests, claims of racism, sexism, or any other -ism, for that matter, and any dramatic public display of citizen animosity are reserved for leftists, and if practiced by non-leftists, constitute domestic threats to homeland security. Trump is correct to call for massive protests, given the unprecedented nature of the potential arrest and the media circus that is soon to follow.

Here are my seven initial reads into the current situation:

1) Team Trump has allies on the inside. A “leak” has tipped off President Trump to the possibility of imminent arrest. One would expect something of this magnitude would be airtight, yet America woke up to a Trump Truth this morning highlighting the likelihood of arrest.

2) The Republican establishment has allies on the inside, as well. Adam Kinzinger was crowing recently about a looming indictment for Trump, and the shark swarm of RINOs backing someone other than Trump has been getting restless as Trump soars in primary polling against a fundamentally uncompetitive field.

3) This reveal appears to be the missing intelligence gap that explains why Governor Ron DeSantis has been so ambiguous regarding his 2024 agenda. If this turns out to be a “nothing burger,” or better yet, a boon for Trump, DeSantis has kept his powder dry and resumes business as usual. If this were to hypothetically derail the Trump train, which will not happen, DeSantis could hop in as the presumptive GOP front-runner out of necessity, not abandonment of his second term as Florida’s governor, as such an announcement would be perceived today.

4) The goal of such an indictment and arrest is to tarnish Trump’s campaign and marketability to the electorate. The 2024 election, to be swung to Joe Biden or any Democrat nominee, will need to be stolen in a magnitude exceeding 2020’s malfeasance. The establishment needs a political maelstrom of epic proportions to stand in as the latest sequence of unprecedented events to fabricate an election scenario in which an extremely popular candidate somehow cannot win an election even with all indicators suggesting otherwise.

5) Trump has already won the opening volley by jumping on this story first. Now, the American gestapo will either follow through with the arrest, confirming their fascist tendencies to an attentive public, or they will blink, shrink back, and prove to the nation that when exposed to the disinfecting sunlight, they are cowards of the highest order who thrive in a sea of chaos, corruption, and darkness.

6) The arrest and imprisonment of heads of state is something that occurs in third-world countries darkened by the grip of tyranny, not in the Western nations that uphold the modern views of individual freedom that are enjoyed today by many who do not understand what has been required to uphold such societies. Even though this is clearly a dastardly act that will be righteously derided by the American public, it sets a dangerous precedent that resembles the turn of events surrounding the collapse of the Roman Empire.

7) Most importantly, these actions would not even be considered if the special interests and evil magistrates imposing a radical agenda on the Western world did not possess tremendous fear of the freedom loving peoples of the world, and their de facto leader, a bold businessman from New York who began the process of stripping away the power of the corrupt and returning it to the people.

To Summarize:

We are winning the long-term war and garnering the attention of those losing their stranglehold on narrative.

Drive on.



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