This is not about Race, this is about Politics!

In my opinion, this is not about Race this is about Politics


It seems that George Floyd was a porn star movie actor, therefore it seems unlikely that he would work at such a strenuous job with a heart condition such as the one they alleged that he had. However, “crisis actor” would be a job, that would be right up his alley.

It seems That George Floyd’s alleged killer, Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin may not actually be a Police Officer but it is known that Chauvin is also a porn star movie actor who has rented his services out for other types of acting jobs. You can see Derek Chauvin in a few of his past acting roles in the following video.

It seems that the ambulance that arrived to take George Floyd to the hospital was absent emergency medical personnel and he was put on a stretcher and taken away by two cops instead. Moreover, according to local night club owner, both men worked together as security guards at her club for at least a year before the incident on Memorial Day, that triggered the current conflagration across the country.

It also seems that there were bricks strategically placed on pallets in various big Democrat run cities across the country right before the “peaceful” protests started.

Moreover it seems that the original window smashing incidents in Minneapolis were being done by a white man with a black umbrella who was later identified as a cop.

It seems that the pandemic shutdown and subsequent efforts by the Democrats to steal the vote was not working and the States would be opened up in time for the November elections. However, the 4 month and counting of martial law type dictates over law -abiding citizens, especially in Democrat-controlled areas, is causing massive economic problems for the poor.

This was the intended purpose of “phase one” to take out our President, defraud American voters and to destroy any affluence left of the middle class who oppose the Democrats’ socialist, communist, Cultural Marxist policies! Last but not least they used the plandemic lockdown and their neurotic responses to it, to force to the boiling point the fears and frustrations of the American people.

The monsters that plague us always have a plan with more than one agenda. Therefore, the mercenary army of thugs controlled by George Soros have targeted small family owned businesses that have already taken the biggest hit because of the “fakedemick” controlled by the Democrat inspired’ lie driven, left -wing narrative.

Now that the crimes of the Obama administration and their Democrat Candidate Joe Biden and all of their deep state minions are being unmasked, and hitting the news cycle, on cue the Soros paid, treason driven, terrorists of Antifa and the BLM start with their evil color revolution.

The common goal of all Soros driven CIA backed color revolutions in every country across the planet is the violent overthrow of that nation’s current government and the murder of its current leader.

“This is not about Race this is about the Politics of Populism vs Globalism.”

The book Confessions of an Economic Hitman by John Perkins explains in details how this has been done by elements of intelligence agencies like the C.I.A. in countries all over South America and the Middle East. When the leader of a country wants to nationalize his or her country’s resources for the benefit of its citizens, the corporate owned mercenary secret armies of people like Baron De Rothschild and George Soros are ordered to gin up a color revolution.

This is what the United States is currently experiencing. If they are successful, what will follow is a replacement of our “Populist President” with a “Globalist Puppet” who does the bidding of the Communist, Fascists, Cultural Marxist control freaks of the New World Order.

When President Trump made it known that mail in voting was their plan to steal the election. Twitter was triggered and so were the Democrats and “phase two” immediately ensued.

Phase two has every Democrat run big city burning down black neighborhoods and Antifa being front and center in these riots. This seems like payback by the New World Order against black people for going off of the reservation and waking up to who is actually behind the lie that the Democrats represent the down trodden.

It also seems that the Democrats are not only in a panic but in a rage at the fact that so many black people have left the Democrat party thanks to President Trump’s real efforts at promising to help black communities and unlike the Democrats, has actually kept his promises to help them.

While there are black people looting stores on Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles. There are Soros controlled “white” Antifa thugs going into black neighborhoods and destroying their black owned small businesses and burning down and defacing their buildings by spray painting “BLM” on them. Black people in those neighborhoods are outing them and demanding that they stop because they will be the ones blamed for destroying their own neighborhoods. #ANTIFA thugs in Santa Monica are being confronted by a black woman for handing bricks to young black boys and instructing them to throw them at store windows.

Please see the video of the original black creator of Black Lives Matter tell the truth about how it was high jacked and its grassroots was changed into astro turf using cointelpro tactics by George Soros and the Clintons.

The Fake news, has proven once again and without a doubt that they are the enemy of the people; by first creating this current divide and conquer conflict, then driving its dishonest, corrupt, and treasonous narrative and finally, by labelling it a “Race War!”

This is how Fascists like Soros and his Global partners in crime operate. Make no mistake 2020 is the year without any coincidences. They are using M.K. Ultra, that was forced upon our children starting in the late 1980s and then in Obama and Bill Gates’ instigated Common Core Public School Prison system and mind control taught in American Universities to trigger our young and fear porn fakedemic lockdowns on everyone else.

It is time to “separate the wheat from the tares” and the human protestors from the Antifa, tare or-ist, anti- humans who hide behind masks! The enemy is a trojan horse filled with monsters who want to take the planet back to the days of their dinosaur ancestors!

“This is not about a conflict between different races. The kind of evil that is being inflicted upon humans to constantly and incessantly incite and divide us only makes sense as a conflict between different Species!”

Let us all pray that 2020 becomes the year of reckoning for those who have been hiding in the shadows and manipulating the outcomes of all human history. Let 2020 be the year that we finally confront and remove these demons that are hell bent on erasing our freedoms, destroying our souls, and wiping our people from the face of the Planet! The love of freedom knows no race, gender, religion, national origin or sexual preference. We are all human beings and “the enemy is not one of us!”

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