“Its the banks, always was the banks, always will be the banks.”

Comment posted by inhibi

I just never understood.

Why aren’t they burning the banks?

Its always “its the police”/”its the >insert race<“/”its the republicans”/”its the democrats”

Just burn down the banks. Its the banks, always was the banks, always will be the banks. The banks have access over the money, in total, no one else comes close. They are the ones looting, they are the ones causing the misery, the wars (bankers love war), they are the ones laundering the money, they are the ones distorting the ‘markets’.

Covid, distraction

Floyd, distraction

Trump, distraction

Liberals, distraction

Celebs, distraction

Sports, distraction

CNN/MSNBC/Fox/Etc. all distraction

$3 trillion just looted by banks, again. In weeks time. They will use any excuse to impoverish generations upon generations of people. Poverty is what leads to this PETTY looting, violence, brutality, and ultimately cultural degradation.

That is why race isn’t the issue. It was at a point in time, but not anymore.


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