Gov. DeSantis: BEWARE

DON’T DO IT ! ! !

An Open Letter to Governor Ron DeSantis

Office of Governor Ron DeSantis
State of Florida
The Capitol
400 South Monroe Street
Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

March 24, 2023

Dear Governor DeSantis:

Much like yourself, we will not mince words in this open letter.

First, you were just overwhelmingly elected by voters in Florida to serve the state of Florida.  You were not elected to run for POTUS.

So far, are we clear?

Any run for the presidency is a terrible betrayal of the Florida voters who elected you.

Need we say more?


But perhaps we should continuing building this case against running, yes?

Second, you’re only 44 years old.

No age discrimination intended, but you are clearly not ready for POTUS.

And your many missteps before even declaring show that.

Because of your lack of the requisite experience, vital knowledge base, the necessary skill sets, THEY WILL EAT YOU ALIVE.

Already, there’s a HUGE caldron being prepared inside the Beltway for your potential arrival.

Should you ever make it to the White House, you’ll find yourself in a custom-made stew pot to accommodate you and your family.

Do you really want to put your family through such a futile ordeal?!?!?!

Third, you can obviously get a LOT more accomplished in Tallahassee than you ever could in Washington, D.C.

Why do we even have to tell you that?!

Releasing your flaming arrows into the Deep State castle each and every week is also a lot more fun, yes?!

Where you seem to run the Florida state government, the U.S. Federal Government is a completely different story.

Not only will you NOT run the show in D.C., you will be told what to do.

You’ll also be told when, where and how to do it.

Is that what you really want, Gov. DeSantis?

Fourth, it should be quite self-evident by now that you cannot fix the US government.

No one can.

All the conservative governors across the USA can hope to do at this point is protect their own states.

Many of your anti-globalist policies have already made their mark nationally, as you well know.

Not only can you NOT fix D.C., Deep State will fix you alright!

And to think otherwise is utter folly … … … unless you’re hellbent on a performing a fool’s errand … but then for who, really?

Fifth, you’re currently destroying your brand faster than the Hindenburg by even teasing a run.

Honestly, we’ve never seen anyone crash and burn so fast.

Not only is your flame out really HUGE, it’s like a supernova.

Every single day sees you up against the ropes getting variously pummeled by “Tyson” Trump, the MSM, the Deep State, the Democrats, your peer governors, your potential GOP competitors, the congressional warmongers, the Covid criminals, etc., etc., etc.

Why would you even expose yourself to the piranha presstitutes who will only make your job in Tallahassee more difficult?

By the way, if your advisors have not already done so, you’d better check out the “smart” chat rooms, forums and comment sections ASSOCIATED WITH CONSERVATIVE SITES.

You’re getting demolished — on ALL of them.

Of course, on the CIA-run Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok pages, you’ve already been ruined—FOREVER.

Sixth, Election Day 2024 is just 18 months away.

But first you’ll have to get in the ring with “Mike Tyson” as you’ve already gotten a taste of.

Really, you’re okay with “Meatball Ron”“Ron DeSanctimonious”“Tiny D”“Ron DeEstablishment”“Shutdown Ron”“Ron DisHonest”“DeSoros”“Ron DeSanctus”.

If you are okay, how are you when Donald “Tyson” Trump hammers you with:


Think about it, Gov. DeSantis.   Think long and hard.

Seventh, and by the way, speaking of the RINO label, you’re not off to a good start with the likes of hardcore RINOs like Jeb Bush and John Bolton, Karl Rove and Ben Shapiro singing your praises (see photo above).

Trump is even linking you to the worst RINO Speaker in recent history—Paul Ryan.

They even have George Soros backing you for the GOP nomination—YIKES!

Then there are the viralizing monikers such are “Neocon Zionist”, “closet Fascist”, “Israel lover”, and “MIGA 2.0” which have quickly attached to you.

In all honesty, you yourself have validated the RINO kiss of death by some of your recent very bad mistakes.

Eighth, by far the biggest of those mistakes was your dramatic and ill-advised flip flop on the Ukraine War.

You went from potential peacemaker to MIC-controlled warmonger in just a couple of days.

Not good, Governor, not good at all.

That mistake alone is enough to banish you to the political waterless region—FOREVER—especially where it concerns your war-averse base.

Really, calling President Putin “a war criminal” was such a foolish fiasco.

Saying about President Putin that: “He’s basically a gas station with a bunch of nuclear weapons” was even more foolhardy.

Then you went on to imply that Russia had no right to protect its territorial integrity.  And, that direct assaults on Russia’s national sovereignty were not worth fighting against.

Knowing that Zelensky is nothing but a Nazi war criminal who is intentionally genociding all Ukrainian males, you tear apart the Russian president.

Did you somehow miss the 8-year slow-motion genocide of Russian speakers in the Donbas that triggered Putin’s special military operation?!?!?!

Where were you when the Russian military shut down the 43 biolabs labs across Ukraine whose bioweapons were aimed at Donbas and western Russia?

Ninth, in light of the preceding eighth reason, you’re out of your league, Governor.


And the number of BIG billionaire donors that have given to your POTUS campaign shows that you will be owned and operated by them.

Were you to ever sit in the Oval Office, you would be nothing but a marionette on a string.

The Military-Industrial Complex would continue to oversee the West Wing as they have for many decades.

Worse, you would simply be the powerless CEO of the US Corporation ushering the nation through the single largest bankruptcy in world history.

Even worse than that, those who lead the National Security State from the shadows would dictate your every move, bar none.

Tenth, please do yourself and we Floridians a BIG favor and just stay in Florida.

You’ve done a GREAT job here thus far.

Now, finish the job you promised to do … and don’t try to skip town on us.

BEWARE: The people of Florida will never forget the betrayal if you run for POTUS this election cycle.

And, they will always remember you honoring your commitment if you stay and finish your term … without the unparalleled distraction of running during what will be the craziest campaign season in U.S. history.


A Longtime Florida Political Analyst

Submitted to State of the Nation
March 24, 2023


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