The fine art of turning “normies” into “nazis”.

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International Conspiracy

Ever since World War 2, an international conspiracy has been in the works to “Nazify” western civilization.

With “western civilization” — I’m referring to North America and Europe.

This “conspiracy” is very complex — and plays out in many different ways.

  • I’ve never heard ANYBODY talk about it.
  • I’ve never seen ANYBODY write about it.
  • The awareness seems to be just about 0%.

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International Crime Syndicate

The Nazis sure lost WW2, but they successfully transitioned into forming a powerful international crime syndicate based in Argentina.

Hitler probably lived another 5-20 years after Germany fell. Watch Hunting Hitler for more details about this entire operation. There is literally no evidence at all that Hitler died that day.

But this crime syndicate now had submarines, communication stations all over the world, international connections, and the capacity to:

  • Smuggle drugs
  • Perform assassinations
  • Do human trafficking
  • Manufacture weapons
  • Sell weapons

— you get the point.

They also had a huge amount of wealth — carried over from Germany.

But in order for all of this work?

They had to operate from the shadows. They must not draw international attention.

They also infiltrated the highest levels of the American government. And the highest level of American science.

This gave them access to the impressive “black budget” of American intelligence.

They now had institutional power — along with the more agile power of a fluid crime network.

The main point here is, that they have been way more influential than people realize.

Don’t believe me?

Then look at what George Soros has been up to lately. He is literally one of the most powerful people in the world.

Crashing Sweden and America

One way in which people are being “Nazified”, is through the deliberate crashing of large countries in a given region.


  • Bribe
  • Manipulate
  • Blackmail
  • Threaten

—politicians into taking in a VERY large amount of generally unproductive refugees. This hurts the economy of the receiving country.

This, in turn, turns people against these refugees, since crime rates now increase and domestic unemployment also increases.

You can’t make a homeless guy give away everything to help another homeless guy.

This is what it feels like for the country, that is ALREADY struggling, when taking in hundreds of thousands of refugees (almost only men).

This is done to crash the country, cause chaos, and turn locals against foreigners.

People think it’s incompetence. It’s PLANNED.

  1. They did this with America (still are).
  2. They did this with UK (still are).
  3. They did this with Sweden (still are).

Do you understand?

How They Incite Racial Hatred

The global power structure has a sophisticated method for inciting hatred towards black people.

In reality, they aggressively hold black people down through:

  • Abortions (a very high amount)
  • Fluoridation of the drinking water
  • Lead in the drinking water & the environment (causes brain damage)
  • Fueling a superficial culture (that only talks about money)
  • Excessive prison sentences (for non-violent crimes)
  • Lack or rehabilitation in jail
  • Horrible conditions in jail
  • The Stop-and-Frisk policy of black men (even though they did nothing wrong)

The global power structure is scared shitless of black men.

Black men are incredibly strong, anti-authoritarian by nature, and are built to fight.

The global elite doesn’t care about the women, they just want to hold the black men down, to prevent another:

  1. Muhammad Ali
  2. Malcolm X (or)
  3. Martin Luther King
  4. Tupac

They murdered Tupac.

Men riot.

Men start revolutions.

This is why they ALWAYS try to promote funny and feminine black men. This is why they ALWAYS try to put black men in dresses. They want to take away their honor, identity, and ability to fight.

This is how Dave Chapelle landed in dangerous water. So he started getting harassed by the global power structure.

Here is the link embedded in the text.

This launched Dave Chappelle into the “Harassment Matrix”, which is a complicated — but structured, way to punish celebrities for “getting out of line” and saying too much.

I could write a book on this one topic alone.

See my story: The Steve Jobs Conspiracy

  1. It starts with gentle-to-moderate harassment.
  2. The next step is character assassination.
  3. The next step is physical violence, or a direct credible threat.
  4. Eventually, they kill you, or somebody you love.
  5. Sometimes they even break into your house and take out the entire family in what appears to be a “crazy lunatic”, a “failed robbery”, or a “double suicide”.

This is the last step, they rarely go this far.

The first step is to hold black people down — and make their lives as bad as possible.

The next step, is to cram every modern movie and TV-series, full of moderately talented black people.

The “best method” seems to race-swap white people for ugly or untalented black people. Especially if we’re dealing with a world that is already established as being “white”.


  • Lord of The Rings
  • The Wheel of Time (see my popular text about this here)

Anybody who calls this out?

They get attacked and called “a racist”.

This turns white people against black people. “Nazifying” them, according to the plan.

Are you starting to get it?

Black Lives Matter

So they destroy black people’s brains with water fluoridation, lead, toxic air, toxic food, toxic culture, toxic environment (so on).

While funding organizations like Black Lives Matter. George Soros literally funds this organization.

The goal of this organization is to:

  1. Turn black people against white people (and)
  2. Turn white people against black people

This organization “hijacks” the narrative and becomes the representation of black people in mass media.

The entire point of this organization is to:

  1. Incite racial hatred
  2. Waste everybody’s time

For every day that passes, the global elite is lifting out resources from the government into their own pockets.

Their biggest fear is that the bottom 99% will turn against the top 1%.

With that I really mean — the corrupt part of the top 1%. So really it’s more like the top 0.1%. Or maybe less, depending on how you count!

The Social Justice Warrior movement, is doing the same thing.

The goal is to:

  1. Create as much conflict as possible
  2. Waste everybody’s time

Is this “woke” stuff making you angry?

Then they WON.

And you LOST.

Because that is what they want.

The Gap

They want to create this gap, where black people are as miserable as possible in reality, while holding them up like Gods — in movies and TV series.

Even giving large gigs to moderately talented black people.

To a casual observer, it looks like black people get preferential treatment. If this opinion is voiced, left-wing white people will attack this person.

This inability to publicly share one’s own honest opinion, creates frustration within the person. This frustration then pushes the person towards a Nazi ideology.

This is of course never overtly stated. The only reason you know, is because you are reading this text.

They skillfully use this “gap” to incite racial hatred towards black people.

Why black people?

Because they fear the black man.

Culture War

They also push:

  • Homosexuality
  • Queer
  • Trans

as part of the culture war.

The goal is to:

  1. Make you angry
  2. Waste your time

So that the global power structure can keep sucking resources out of the system for as long as possible.

They are “buying time”.

Just like a guilty person would delay an oncoming trial.

Modern Feminism

Modern feminism was created to turn men and women against each other.

So that the strong men were busy fighting off angry women — rather than fighting the global power structure.

Modern feminism was literally created by male psychopaths.

They used women’s high adaptability against them, and brainwashed them into thinking men, in general, were the enemy.

When it’s a tiny fraction of men that hold all the power.

I call this “The Strong Man Conspiracy”.

Modern society is set up to keep the strong men busy fighting anything but the global power structure.

Andrew Tate = CIA Asset?

You should also read my text on Andrew Tate. Whom I consider a CIA asset, just like his father.

I present the full argument here: Andrew Tate is 100% a CIA Asset!

I want to know what you think!

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