ATTN STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN: Riots, Violence, Looting and Arson Planned for JUNE 6, 2020 – Police Won’t Stop It!!!


by Jim Stone

A looting and burning spree was requested by your city government and is scheduled for YOUR city starting June 6 (Saturday) in the afternoon. They will be staging the attack at the golden circle If you have an appropriate weapon, be available and start shooting at the first sign of burning or looting. You do not have to take this, and failing to act AWAY from your home will put your home and family at risk, you have to stop things like this before trouble arrives at your doorstep.

There will be no police action against the rioters and no military present, your government has intentionally set up your city as an example and has explicitly requested this to be staged in your city, and has promised no police action. They want your city destroyed. This is what subversion looks like.

If the police are there to assist the riots, they are MORE guilty than the rioters, you did not pay your taxes to have them destroy you. They are to be dealt with AS RIOTERS. If there are any white people among the rioters, target them first, they are the organizers. The white people probably won’t be looting, but directing this crap is FAR worse.

Obviously business owners need to be there and well armed and all residents should be locked and loaded. SPREAD THE WORD AND DON’T LET THIS CRAP HAPPEN. YOUR GOVERNMENT HAS TURNED AGAINST YOU AND WANTS YOU DESTROYED. IT IS UP TO YOU TO STOP IT.

KEEP IN MIND: The way this is being done is the same as what is used in warfare, and in warfare no one can tell who shot who. YOU WILL NOT GO TO JAIL.
Hopefully posting this on a major web site that happens to be a fulcrum point for much of alt media will stop this from happening, my objective with this post was to tell them they are flagged and tagged and EVERY STINKING ONE will be bagged if they do not call this off.


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