Here’s the insidious Jewish-Black criminal conspiracy to take over America.

Jewish Billionaires Use Blacks to Oppress Others, says Indian-American Lawyer

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‘The problem is, Jews and Blacks work together, in tandem (I call it the “gangster nightclub model”) wherein Jews act as the brains/organizers/money power, while their Blacks operate as the “bouncers”or the “muscle.”‘
by RS
I applaud your courageous stands, day after day, hour after hour on Twitter and other platforms, where you fight against and expose the complete and total hypocrisy of Zionist Jewish enslavement of the USA but also its use of American Blacks as their “muscle” and “shield” to get away with everything that they do to American citizenry not sharing this Jewish faith.
Being an Indian-American lawyer in New York City, I see first-hand the con-artist chicanery of the Jewish billionaires who run this city (and country) and how they, in order to avoid getting exposed, install the cruelest, dumbest, most incompetent, and unethical money and power hungry Blacks into positions of authority, (of course where a Jewish Communist is always at the top of that agency) in order to do their bidding.
Who can accuse a Black judge of being racist?
Or a black police officer of being a racist thug?
Or a black administrative government worker of violating your civil rights or being corrupt, incompetent, inefficient, or unfair?
The problem is, Jews and Blacks work together, in tandem (I call it the “gangster nightclub model”) wherein Jews act as the brains/organizers/money power, while their Blacks operate as the “bouncers”or the “muscle.”
The vast majority of people that these two races oppress, hurt, exploit, extort, target, steal from, threaten, terrorize, humiliate, torture are non-Jews and non-Blacks.
In other words, the people of New York City who get destroyed by this “model of repression” are American citizen descendants of  India, China, Mexico, Arab/Muslim nations, Koreans, Asians, Philipinos, Albanians, Latinos, Hispanics, and everyone else (including Christian Non-Jewish Whites).
These two races (Blacks and Jews) have pound for pound, chosen/elevated ALL of the elected officials in New York City (and State) including all of the federal/state judges, congress and senate, and executive branch of the richest most powerful city in America, New York City, which acts as a progressive, communist, socialist trend-setter for the rest of the nation.
After the Jewish Mafia in 1994 gave then New York U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani, all of the physical evidence that he needed to convict and incarcerate the entire Italian (Catholic) Mafia in New York, the Jewish Mafia became totally unopposed in their Khazarian Mafia rule over New York City, and the rest of America.
Then the Jews began to actively and aggressively recruit and elevate corrupt, stupid, and easily controllable Blacks as the city’s judges (federal and state), legislative and executive, and have been robbing and oppressing everyone else, ever since.
The Jews in the federal and state courts use the Blacks to undermine the U.S. Constitution and to then elevate their own Talmudic, Noahide, Torah-based Jewish laws instead of the U.S. Constitution.
No one apparently sees this, and it’s totally frustrating.
Furthermore, no one is talking about the hundreds of thousands of non-Jewish and non-Black American citizens, that are getting killed or murdered or cheated or having their civil rights violated, every single day, by Black police officers, black judges, black administrative workers, black immigration officers, etc.


(Indian American issues a call to arms to whites)
It far outweighs any civil rights being perpetrated against blacks, who, along with American Jews, completely DOMINATE the U.S. Congress, Senate, Judiciary, and Executive Branch of the United States, while the Indians, Chinese, Koreans, Asians, Arabs, Muslims, Latinos, Mexicans, and poor or non-Jewish Christian Whites, have NOBODY protecting/defending their interests in case they are targeted or oppressed by out of control Blacks and Jews in government, or the private sector.
Please spread this information, and bring this to the attention of your millions of readers/followers.
This “white guilt” has to stop, as we are doing their job to destroy us, for them, with this defeatist, resigned, weakling attitude.
First Comment by JD
Clearly these Blacks are taking a page out of the Jewish “victim-hood cookbook” by taking full advantage of the latest crisis relating to the George Floyd matter, to really guilt-trip and milk White America for everything its worth.
A distinct pattern has emerged that whenever it looks like the Jews are about to get brought over the coals for their latest discovered crimes against Americans and humanity, somehow some type of “terrorism” or “incident” against them happens, and then they immediately begin to stage huge rallies, parades, talk show circuit tours, about how much they are suffering and need all sorts of sympathy, legal changes and federal laws passed to give them even more “extra rights” than white America, or any other race/religion else in America.
Now, the Blacks are doing it, with their latest “anti-lynching bill” which if you really read it, mandates that white Americans (or any other race) can get thrown into prison for life if they simply “bump into” a black on the street.
The Freemasons and Illuminati love these 2 races (Blacks and Jews) because their perpetual and eternal victim-hood and eternal whining keeps placing more and more restrictive laws on the books, to be used, of course, against the Goyim and masses.
It seems like the only American lawmaker who sees, and gets, all of this (or is at least not accepting bribes or cowering to threats), is Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, who is trying to fight against them in this latest rape of American civil liberties against non-Jews and non-Blacks.
JG writes: 
America, politically and culturally, has been “tanking” ever since the late President Richard Nixon was run out of office by the Washington Post and the Communist left wing of the Democratic Party. Since then the Anglo Identity that was rooted in the US Constitution and American culture has been thwarted by the Anti Christian subculture of the ignorant and the destitute. This might be more evident in a place like New York City more than any other city in America.
Since the overthrow of the Italian Mafia it’s actually gotten worse there. As wicked as the old “mob” was they at least had a code of ethics. The new gangsters are the oligarch billionaires who have no morals or code of ethics other than extracting the wealth and morality of their city and its people. New Yorkers took a bad fall after 911 and never recovered to where and who they once were. It doesn’t look good for the Sodom and Gomorrah like cities of New York and Los Angeles that are  now unravelling. They have and are destroying themselves.


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