Under no circumstances should President Trump surrender to his malevolent enemies in New York.

Trump should not turn himself in

“I think Rick Wiles is right….Trump should not turn himself in. He will never get a fair trial or treatment in NYC….the jury pools are tainted….he should stay in Mar-a-Largo and supporters should surround the estate.”

“Also he will be too exposed to assassinate… they have shown they are utterly desperate to remove him…..any way they have to do it.”

Submitted by a Veteran Political Analyst

SOTN Editor’s Note: Folks, this is war—CIVIL WAR!  Whether most members throughout the Patriot Movement fully support President Trump or not, you never — EVER — hand over your Field Marshall to the enemy.  Trump should do everything in his power to stay out of enemy territory, which New York State has always been going back to the pre-American Revolutionary War period.  The Khazarian-directed London banskters have always owned and operated every square inch of Manhattan, and this time they are really playing for keeps.  Once Trump promised to end the Ukraine War in ’24 hours’ if elected, he put an even bigger target on his back.

As long as Governor Ron DeSantis sticks to his promise not to extradite Trump, he can fight this Second American Revolution from his headquarters at Mar-a-Lago.  In this way, he can avoid being fingerprinted and mug-shot so as not to legitimize the patently false indictment.  Trump can also use this rare opportunity to rail against the unparalleled and brazen weaponization of the Criminal Justice System.  If it can be weaponized against a POTUS, who only exposed the CIA’s Mockingbird Media as purveyors of fake news 24/7, it can be used to frivolously prosecute any American anywhere, anytime.

Moreover, this utterly fake indictment demonstrates that Soros-funded DAs can and will simply make stuff up to take down any political opponent.  Which means that no influential leader will ever be allowed to leave the woke reservation of political correctness, lest they suffer a malicious prosecution from a Democrat prosecutor.  Therefore, Trump must stand and fight and hold his ground to uphold what little is remaining of the rule of law in America today … before a full-blown tyranny reigns across the land.

Someone, please pass this important post onto President Trump post-haste!

State of the Nation
April 1, 2023

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