The New World Order Continues to Collapse

By Renee Parsons

Let’s cut to the chase:  the country is currently experiencing One Giant PsyOp, what State Media calls a ‘race riot’ when, in reality, it is little more than an illusion as the most current chapter in the destruction of the American Republic and its concept of individual rights.  While the techno-AI-trans human agenda has been in the works for decades, the latest evolution of  the New World Order began with the 2016 election cycle as Democratic leaders refused to accept the loss of HRC.

Since then, the character of the American public has been relentlessly tested, slammed by one Democratic-generated crisis after another, each creating a deep level of division, usurping legitimate protests into an unprecedented level of coordinated terrorist attacks.  Despite the added economic shock of the coronavirus, the American people are still  hanging tough, persistent in their belief that, for all its warts, this is the still the best damn country in the world.

The series of premeditated crises amount to scurrilous acts of sedition with well-positioned teams of Democratic loyalists within the FBI, CIA, DOJ and elsewhere in the Federal bureaucracy, organized to politically oust a constitutionally elected president. This is not what Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, founders of the Democratic party, had in mind when they wrote the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.  And, a good guess is that if JFK were alive today, he would not be a Democrat.

More recently, the coronavirus revealed  the authoritarian agenda of Democratic Governors as some female Governors exhibited harsh, restrictive ‘lockdowns’ on their own citizens even as state death rates were comparable to previous flu fatalities. The Dems set the stage for Big Pharma and its friends with introduction of HR 6666, the TRACE Act (“Testing, Research and Contacting Everyone”) as a totalitarian national vaccine police state.

With the CV crisis abating, it was time to play the race card with a black man murdered by a white police officer which would predictably lead to massive street ‘protests’ being usurped by Keith Ellison’s Antifa crowd.  It is doubtful that that murder was racist-inspired but rather part of a larger political conspiracy or whether it actually occurred – this puzzle has its share of pieces that do not fit.

Just before 8 pm on May 25th, 46 year old George Floyd and a male companion  purchased items from Cup Foods in Minneapolis using counterfeit currency.  At 8:01 pm, the municipal police were called.

A Washington Post video chronology confirms that the entire drama had a ‘staged’ quality with a performance that was ‘on hold’ waiting for the arrival of Officer Derek Chauvin.  Initially, rather than flee the scene after committing fraud, Floyd remained in the driver’s seat of his blue Mercedes SUV until he was arrested  at approximately 8:10 pm.  According to a video taken by the occupant of a Ford Mercury parked behind the Mercedes, Floyd put up no real resistance as he was handcuffed and walked to the nearby sidewalk and sat  with his back against the wall.     

The arresting officers made no attempt to walk Floyd across the street and into the waiting patrol car until approximately 8:14 pm when Floyd was stood up and walked across the street.  As they approach the passenger side of a two-tone patrol car, Floyd falls to the ground.  According to the WaPo video, Chauvin arrived on the scene at 8:17 pm with Floyd still on the ground.  At 8:18 pm, there appeared to be a scuffle occurring on the passenger side of the patrol car, out of camera range. This is where it gets confusing:  at this point, the passenger side is curb-side while an earlier clip, when Floyd first approached the patrol car, the passenger side was street-side – and then the historic scene of Chauvin’s knee on Floyd was also street side.   Until a more clear visual of events is presented, there is every reason to question the authenticity of events.

At 8:20, a passerby began filming with Floyd street-side and a nonchalant Chauvin, one hand in his pocket as if he was applying a ‘threat maneuver’ and even bantering with passersby on the sidewalk as he put a knee to Floyd’s neck.    

At this point, Floyd’s porn movie acting skills failed with an unconvining “Help, I can’t breathe” as Floyd continued a conversation.   At 8:22 pm,  an  ambulance was requested citing a Code 2 and at 8:23 pm, the emergency was upped to a Code 3.  At 8:25 pm, onlookers complained to officers pointing out that Floyd appeared to be unconscious.

At 8:27 pm, a Hennepin Health Care ambulance arrived with two uniformed police officers (with side arms) rather than medically trained EMT’s.  There was no attempt to take Floyd’s pulse or to resuscitate him.  They quickly load Floyd onto a stretcher and at 8:30 pm departed for Hennepin Medical Center.   According to the WaPo video,  the incident report identified 9:25 pm as the time of death in the Hennepin emergency room.

Once Chauvin was identified as the culprit, it did not take long for the official story to begin to unravel with reports that the two had, according to the manager  worked at the same sleazy night club with overlapping shifts for perhaps more than a decade; yet they never acknowledged any familiarity during the situation.  Since Chauvin is currently a licensed real estate agent in Windermere,  Florida as recently as 2019, his history deserves more scrutiny.     

A ‘new’ video has emerged which shows a police officer leaning into the back seat of a solid white patrol car with only his legs showing. We are told he is wrestling with Floyd  who is resisting arrest inside the car – yet no video has confirmed that Floyd was ever in the back seat of a white patrol car or any other patrol car or ever resisted arrest.  If Floyd was inside the white patrol car, why was he on the ground when Chauvin arrived at 8;17 pm?   In addition, earlier clips show Floyd on the ground next to a two-tone patrol car; yet we are told this later clip occurred in a solid white patrol car.   There is also the caption that CNN has ‘confirmed its authenticity.”

In case you missed the Rev. Al Sharpton’s funeral extravaganza, Public viewings are planned with additional ceremonies in North Carolina where Floyd was born and in Houston because he is a native of Houston.

It is curious that Floyd’s partner-in-crime who also committed fraud at Cup Foods remained seated in Floyd’s Mercedes SUV during the entire episode and has not been arrested

Dueling Autopsies

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner found Floyd’s death to be a homicide due to “cardiopulmonary arrest complicating law enforcement subdual, restraint, and neck compression. and found nothing “to support a diagnosis of traumatic asphyxia or strangulation.”  The Medical Examiner found Floyd to be suffering from arterosdectoric and hypertensive heart disease as well as evidence of fentanyl and traces of recent methamphytamine use.

Benjamin Crump is an experienced civil rights attorney retained by the Floyd family to see justice done.  Crump hired celebrity pathologist Dr.  Michael Badene to conduct the Floyd autopsy.

Baden’s identified cause of death as “asphyxia due to compression of the neck” directly contradicts the official autopsy and immediately opens the door for a ‘reasonable doubt” defense strategy beneficial to Chauvin.   

During release of his autopsy findings, Baden asserted that  Floyd had “no underlying medical problem that caused or contributed to his death.  He was in good health.” Baden went on to suggest that “in a little less than four minutes that Mr. Floyd is motionless, lifeless and when the EMS arrived put him on the stretcher, without any cpr at that time.  During a later interview on Fox News, Baden suggested that “He was dead before they put him on the stretcher … many minutes before he gets to the hospital” is in contradiction to stated time of death.    


In case you had not noticed, during the last three years of political upheaval and turmoil, a  global pandemic threatened the health of our our family and friends,  and yet despite a massive wave of coordinated violent attacks throughout the country, the American people have not cracked.

They have not given in to the threats and have retained  if notrepurposed many of the traits and characteristics that led to the founding of the United States.

By early September with the November election fast approaching, we can expect the next level of assault on the country. as the forces of darkness will not allow any return to normalcy.  The old world of greed, war and violence are in its last throes of power and control and a new world is on the horizon.   

Renee Parsons  has been a member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter.   She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member in the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC.  Renee is a student of the Quantum Field.  She may be reached at

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