If Black Lives Really Matter, Then What’s Up With These Health Issues In One Florida County?

If Black Lives Matter We Need to Know Covid-19 Science

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If BLACK LIVES MATTER, Alachua County and City of Gainesville Elected Officials should heed the instructions of United States Surgeon General on his advice for the general public not to wear face masks. The Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams is an African America physician. – https://youtu.be/qEfOdVsTPno

If BLACK LIVES MATTER, Alachua County and City of Gainesville Elected Officials would revoke the face mask mandate based on numerous scientific publications establishing face masks as a health hazard to all populations whether they are healthy or with underlying medical conditions. Blaylock: Face Masks Pose Serious Risks To The Healthy – https://technocracy.news/blaylock-face-masks-pose-serious-risks-to-the-healthy/

If BLACK LIVES MATTER, Alachua County and City of Gainesville Elected Officials Should know What is in the OSHA Field Guide and how it applies to the general population: The face mask exemption for health and fitness centers is consistent with the physiological need to maintain blood oxygen at normal levels as required by OSHA requirements.

A Face Mask creates an artificially induced “Confined or enclosed space”

Page 14: Confined & Enclosed Spaces “Confined or enclosed space” means any space having a limited means of egress, which is subject to the accumulation of toxic or flammable contaminants or has an oxygen deficient atmosphere, and its primary function is other than human occupancy.

Page 15: Employees must not be permitted to work in hazardous and/or toxic atmospheres! A hazardous atmosphere means an atmosphere that may expose employees to the risk of death, incapacitation, impairment of ability to self-rescue, injury, or acute and/or chronic illness from one or more of the following causes:

Flammable gas, vapor, or mist in excess of 10 percent of its lower flammable limit(LFL).

Airborne combustible dust at a concentration that meets or exceeds its LFL (dust obscures vision at a distance of 5 feet or less

Atmospheric oxygen concentration below 19.5 percent or above 23.5 percent.
Atmospheric concentration of any substance for which a permissible exposure limit (PEL) is published in OSHA’s standards.

Page 44: Use only NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health) approved respirators.

Page 45: Respiratory Protection Program

The allowable use of a respirator depends on certain circumstances; two scenarios in which an employee may wear a respirator are:

1. Employee must wear a respirator due to job-site conditions; if concentrations of airborne contaminants cannot be effectively minimized to below permissible exposure limits through engineering or administrative controls then respiratory protection must be worn. ( Comment: No evidence exists that social distancing does not “effectively minimized (CV-19) to below permissible exposure limits”

2. Voluntary use by employee; an employee may choose to wear a respirator under voluntary conditions when concentrations of airborne contaminants are below legal permissible exposure limits.


If BLACK LIVES MATTER – and based on current studies – the Covid-19 Lockdown and Face Mask Policies should be lifted by Alachua County and City of Gainesville Elected Officials in order to restore excessive damage to minority populations who have been the most economically damaged by what has turned out to be a weak coronavirus, no more deadly than a bad Flu season. STUDY: THE IMPACTS OF COVID-19 ON MINORITY UNEMPLOYMENT (Bar graph, Page 32) – https://www.nber.org/papers/w27246.pdf

STUDY: If BLACK LIVES MATTER, Alachua County and City of Gainesville Elected Officials Would publicly acknowledge that COVID-19 is no more deadly than the season Flu. In fact, the mortality risk for the Flu vaccine carries a higher mortality rate than the Covid-19 virus (!) https://bit.ly/2AOyHoH

If BLACK LIVES MATTER, Alachua County and City of Gainesville Elected Officials would acknowledge that lockdowns and face mask mandates are based on questionable science and inflict disproportionate economic hardship to African American and Latinx families. — STUDY: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on marginalized populations in the United States: A research agenda.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has been described as a “great equalizer”, the individual, community, and structural impacts it has on workers in the United States is not equal in any capacity. Similar to other crises, the COVID-19 pandemic has shed light on not just income inequalities but very large inequalities in access to decent work in the United States. While there is a high percentage of the U.S. workforce that has the opportunity to work safely from home, that privilege is not accessible to all workers, many of whom are already vulnerable to economic and structural inequalities in the United States and who have historically experienced marginalization and discrimination in the workforce. I set forth several research agendas throughout this essay and I hope this is just the beginning of an important conversation on how vocational psychologists can conduct meaningful research that advocates for decent work for all workers in the United States, and in particular for individuals who do work that are deemed essential for the communal needs of our society. I also advocate for more research with individuals who are experiencing increased discrimination and/or workload due to the pandemic. Perhaps if vocational psychologists conduct meaningful research that helps serve marginalized communities more effectively and advocate for a labor market that is built on the foundation of decent work for all, we can emerge from COVID-19 with a shared goal to create a more equitable labor market that protects vulnerable workers. This is the premise that David Blustein et al. (2019) argue is needed for applied psychologists to contribute to the many challenges related to access to decent work and basic human rights for workers in the United States.


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