FLUORIDE: America’s Health and Environmental Tragedy



By Shoshoni
June 2020

The “War on Drugs” should start with our tap water

A typical American city’s water test report discloses alarming levels of uranium, cadmium, lead, arsenic, nitrosodimethylamine, boron, aluminum, chlorine and fluoride. Moreover, an Obama-era “Bioethics” scientist and two of his colleagues call for the addition of synthetic lithium to the tap water. Isn’t fluoride bad enough? [1] 

If fluoridation is so good for people why are voters fighting it?

Americans have been voting against fluoride, when they were given a chance to vote, for almost 50 years. Sometimes they were misled depending upon when the idea was introduced. For instance, 40 years ago, a lot of the information had been withheld by the government about the true nature of fluoride that is now out there in the public domain, including the fact that it causes more cavities than it ever prevented. [2]

There is now overwhelming evidence that dental fluorosis, which discolors and destroys the teeth, is caused by over fluoridation. There is also a link to chronic diseases such as, cancer, thyroid problems, osteoarthritis and many diseases associated with aging. [3]

Furthermore, most Americans already get too much fluoride because it has become ubiquitous. It’s in everything: the air, the food, the drinks, the soaps, the cosmetics, oral health products and most of the bottled water. It is even a toxin in tobacco smoke. The practice of fluoridating the water is linked to the build-up of fluoride in the environment over time, just as it is in the body. [4]

Fluoride absorption is a major cause of premature aging and obesity.  

There is a chilling correlation between fluoride and birth defects and lowered IQ in children, dementia in older people and apathy, obesity and memory loss in once healthy vibrant adults. In other words, a person’s ability to thrive and remain youthful is undermined.  Some would call it couch potato syndrome. Others would call it an assault on civil liberty and a person’s ability to resist tyranny. [5]

Who is behind putting Fluoride in the water supply and Why?

M.D. Frederick B. Exner in Aqua Para 1966, The American fluoridation experiment”, wrote.

“It is now clear that one utterly relentless
force behind fluoridation is American big
industry and the motive is not profit, as
such, but fear.”

The main reason is that big industry is getting rid of its hazardous waste, which falls under strict liability tort law for damage to the environment, people and property.  Furthermore, an industry can shield its liability for injury of all three and make a profit instead of having to pay for waste disposal because fluoride is the most expensive and dangerous material to handle and dispose of. The calcium fluoride that was natural in the environment before the inundation of poisonous industrial waste fluoride has never been used to fluoridate the water, although people were led to believe that it was. [6]

What is used, over 90 percent of the time, are Silicofluorides which are 85 times more toxic than calcium fluoride.  It’s almost as toxic as arsenic, and is more toxic than lead.  Silicofluorides are a non-biodegradable, hazardous waste product that comes straight from the pollution scrubbers of big industries. Dumping it in the public water supply saves big industry $1.40 per gallon (or more depending on how much cadmium, lead, uranium and arsenic are also present). Cities buy these unrefined pollutants and simply dump them in the tap water, which is also poisoning the environment. [7]

The truth is that fluoridation is about profit. It’s about Dentistry and Medicine getting more patients and Big Industry like pharmaceuticals, oil, aluminum, steel, fertilizers, cosmetics, chemicals, etc. growing their profit margins. The amount of business and money involved is staggering. That’s why, even though it cost millions to install facilities to dump the stuff in the water, the medical and dental associations along with the big industries are giving cities grants for installations, as long as they fluoridate for at least 10 years or the grant will become a loan. [8]

Why are the dental and medical groups so blind to Fluoride’s dangers?

Joel Griffith writes in his book — “Fluoride: Industry’s Toxic Coup” — that many Doctors and Dentists are getting their information from the regulatory and protective agencies, and especially from the trade journals in which the research is biased. Furthermore, The Public Health Service, CDC, FDA & EPA have been putting out misleading information for years regarding the safety of fluoride. That’s because the PHS was put in place and officially mandated the promotion of fluoride from the beginning.  Moreover, most of the funding for the study of fluoride came from the PHS. The other agencies were then ordered to go along and conflicts of interests were ignored [9]

Moreover, as declassified US government documents indicate, The Public Health Service was under the original jurisdiction of Andrew W. Mellon, founder and major shareholder of ALCOA aluminum.  He and DuPont, who were working on the Manhattan Project’s atomic bomb development in the State of New Jersey, were threatened with many lawsuits for releasing toxic fluoride into the environment with devastating results to the surrounding countryside. So, rather than admit their negligence and guilt, they conspired to profit at the expense of the American people by 1) literally shoving the poison down America’s throat, 2) having their eugenics foundation create the “cavity prevention myth”, 3) limiting education, surveys and research funds to those not in favor of the myth. [10]

Fluoride is an enzyme poison in the same class as cyanide, which along with its tendency to build up over time means that it is capable of a wide variety of harmful effects, even in low doses. That’s why the vast majority of civilized nations with advanced standards of public health have rejected water fluoridation! China, where the U.S. sent most of its factories and heavy industry, is where the U.S. now purchases its fluoride from. Moreover, it is interesting to note that China prohibits the use of fluoride in “its” drinking water.

In contrast, to the United States, the United Nations and the European Union have adhered to the Precautionary Principle, which was first proposed by German conservationists that maintains the following:

“When an activity raises threats of harm to human health or the
environment, precautionary measures should be taken even if
some cause and effect relationships are not fully established

“Absence of conclusive scientific proof of a substance’s toxicity
is, therefore, no justification for failing to take decisive measures
to protect human health.”

The United States, which has taken the lead under Dr, Kehoe — the first director of the Kettering Institute of Industrial Health from the University of Cincinnati — had never wavered in his assessments that both lead and fluoride were not harmful to people or to the environment, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. 

What is it about the general credulity of the people of the United States that allows these kinds of myths to continue? What is it about the judicial system that continues to allow the people to be harmed despite all of the evidence of the dangers to people and the environment? 

What is it about government agencies that allow industry to intentionally harm the public who they are supposed to protect? Finally, why are the people who are profiting from doing the harm, and the people who are allowing it, able to escape censure?

In fact, less than 5% of the countries of the world actually put fluoride in the water supply. The Pasteur Institute and the Nobel Institute have denounced it as a health hazard. Furthermore Japan, China, most of Europe, South America and over half of Canada have rejected its use.[11]

On Nov. 24, 1992, Robert Carton, PhD, a former EPA scientist, made this statement:”

“Fluoridation is the greatest case of scientific fraud of this century, if not of all time. Impossible? No, it’s not–look at how many years millions of Americans were fooled by the tobacco industries!”

Please stay tuned for Part 2: The Damage Done by Fluoride

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