Lockdowns: Essential to the Master Plan

by Renee Parsons

If given the choice between maintaining a toxic world of fear, pollution and violence controlled by the State or a society of prosperity and compassion based on freedom and individual rights, there is little doubt that the majority of Americans would want the old paradigm of synthetic events to take a hike; except that choice has been distorted under the guise of what the World Health Organization (WHO) has mislabeled the most deadly virus in history.

The coronavirus crisis arrived in a flash with little time to analyze exactly WTF was going on.  Americans struggled to process what is real, trustworthy and authentic as the unraveling of deep political decay revealed a behind-the-scenes subterranean power struggle that has surfaced with the intent on disintegration of American Society.

While the country is fast approaching an existential crisis on steroids, millions experienced an inner knowing that some indefinable thing was not right with recognition that the early explanations were hogwash, while others, addicted to mainstream/social media who still believed in the illusion of democracy, were on board with the litany of spin from the medical and political establishment.   

The Lockdown could have been a wake-up call for humanity to change its consciousness with a paradigm shift – whether it be a spiritual awakening, a political realignment or re-evaluating one’s own personal health choices.  After all, humanity was locked in a major health crisis.  And, most importantly, it was an opportunity to acknowledge that the planet itself is ailing from abuse and neglect with the novel coronavirus as a metaphor urging a personal reconnection with Nature.

In early 2020, Neil Ferguson of the UK’s Imperial College used a scare tactic to predict that 80% of Americans would be infected and that there would be 2.2 million American deaths, neither of which materialized.   Yet Ferguson’s extremism accomplished its intended purpose in establishing the basis for draconian Lockdown requirements.  Ferguson later retracted his earlier prediction down to 20,000 fatalities.    

With current infection fatality rate at 0.20%, Lockdowns have been devoid of science and are based on arbitrary, contradictory and inconsistent requirements.  Just a few examples come to mind such as liquor stores and big chains are considered ‘essential’ and remain open but stand-alone, independent, mom and pops are not.  Barbers may be open but hair salons may not.  While it’s advised to get tested for Covid-19, a colonoscopy or other elective surgery are not allowed.  While vitamins C and D and sunshine strengthen the immune system, all outdoor sport programs have been canceled.    

In an unexpected development, a recent JP Morgan study asserted that the Lockdowns failed to “alter the course of the pandemic” as it “destroyed millions of livelihoods.  Moreover, as infection rates  unrelated to often inconsistent lockdown’ measures decreased, fewer outbreaks were reported as the quarantines were lifted.

As the official narrative of the Covid-19 as an existential threat has collapsed, it is interesting to follow how ‘hot spots’ occur just as a particular state, like Florida, announces re-opening.  It is as if a DEW (directed energy weapon) or a neuro-weapon had strategically targeted that location for a resurgence.  Those new hot spots encourage a reinvigorated debate over mandatory face masks and social distancing with its success depending on a duplicitous media instilling panic and a naive public still believing Covid-19 to be a variant of the seasonal flu.    

Why Lockdown Asymptomatic Citizens?

*  Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, technical lead of WHO’s COVID-19 Task Force threw a monkey wrench in the works recently by stating “what we really want to focus on… if we followed all the symptomatic cases, isolate those cases, follow those contacts and quarantine those contacts, we would drastically reduce..transmission.  We would do very, very well….  Dr. Van Kerkhove then explained that transmission of the virus from asymptomatic patients who exhibit no symptoms appears to be “very rare.  It still seems to be rare that an asymptomatic person actually transmits onward to a secondary individual”.

The next day, there was  panic at the WHO but Dr. Van Kerkhove’s uncensored comments were very clear as they validated questioning the purpose of the entire Lockdown process.  If an asymptomatic person is not spreading the disease but might publicly increase herd immunity, then why wear a face mask or be quarantined?

House Speaker Pelosi called for a national mask mandate as HHS Secretary Azar reported that Pence and Trump are tested daily and are asymptomatic; therefore, not required to wear a mask.

Why Face Masks?

To date, there is still no standard for what constitutes a ‘safe’ face mask or instructions for disposal considering that a used face mask will be a contaminated bio-hazard material. Hence, it appears that a face mask is more of a device to require citizen compliance than a safety precaution.

*  Adding a partisan narrative to the crisis, the most expansive lockdown restrictions (some with criminal penalties) came from predominantly Democratic Governors and Mayors who offered no science or forensic data to prove that either mandatory face masks or home sequestration have failed to prevent a spread of the virus.   During a House Oversight committee meeting, the mask debate broke down along party lines with Dems dutifully covered up while strenuously objecting to their mask-free Republican peers.

*   A riveting June 23rd Palm Beach County Commission public hearing on a proposed Mandatory Face Mask ordinance drew overwhelming opposition.

*  While OSHA’s (Occupational Safety and Health Agency) responsibility is to oversee the health and safety of every American worker as each work place is expected to comply with OSHA standards, its website regarding COVID-19 states that cloth-based face masks

will not protect the wearer against airborne transmissible infectious  agents due to loose fit and lack of seal or inadequate filtration.”

OSHA goes on to inform that a safe level of oxygen must be maintained as an oxygen deficient atmosphere (defined as below 19.5% by volume) creates a respiratory risk.

*  While there is no sound science or evidence to prove the benefits of mandatory usage, the NE Journal of Medicine reported that:

“We know that wearing a mask outside healthcare facilities offers little, if any, protection from infection” and that “The chance of catching Covid-19 from a passing interaction in a public space is therefore minimal.  In many cases, the desire for widespread masking is a reflexive reaction to anxiety over the pandemic.”

*   More recently, NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci declared masks as largely ‘symbolic  as he was setting an example for what other people should be doing.

*  Risk of Hypoxia to All Mask Wearers:  Dr. Russell Blaylock and Dr. Zach Bush

Social Distancing aka Quarantine

With not a whit of science in support, Social Distancing, which is a mutually exclusive phrase since there is nothing social about enforced distancing from other humans, has been attributed to a CIA protocol in use since the 1950’s to break a prisoner’s resistance or a teenage science project.

In any case, Social Distancing has proven to be a great way to erode an individual’s normal need for social contact, to effectively starve the brain function of human interaction and is comparable to other emotionally unhealthy deprivations.   As former Vietnam POW John McCain related,  It crushes your spirit more effectively than any other form of mistreatment.

Rules 3 and 44 of the Nelson Mandela Rules warn of being cut off from the outside world and prohibits more than two weeks of isolation as cruel and inhumane treatment.

* * * *

While the manufactured Covid-19 health crisis opened the door for the World Economic Forum and its friends to activate One World Government, millions of Americans continue to play the cognitive dissonance game with little awareness they are witnessing a government takeover with increased surveillance and censorship.  As coordinated violent protests in Seattle and DC spread a thinly veiled political coup, all accomplished more easily while the American public were in Lockdown.      

Renee Parsons has been a lifelong registered Democrat.  She has also been  member of the ACLU’s Florida State Board of Directors and President of the ACLU Treasure Coast Chapter.  She has been an elected public official in Colorado, an environmental lobbyist with Friends of the Earth and staff member in the US House of Representatives in Washington, DC.  Renee is a student of the Quantum Field.  She may be reached at reneedove3@yahoo.com.

If you are willing and able to support Renee in her efforts to provide a different perspective on current events, you may do so through paypal.me/reneedoveparsons

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