In this time of chaos, people need to constantly check for any disappearing bank account balances!

Customers at CHASE Bank Reporting THOUSANDS ‘Missing” From Accounts; Possible Hack

Hal Turner Radio Show

As of Sunday morning here in the New York City area, many, many customers of CHASE Bank are finding their bank balances are not correct; with very many customers claiming THOUSANDS of dollars simply disappeared from their accounts. CHASE Customer Service: Silent.

Others quickly notices something was up:

The New York Police Department issued some advice for customers about a potential phishing scam. NYPD said Chase was experiencing technical difficulties.

The tweet below reveals yet ANOTHER financial irregularity, this one with @Square which he claims was holding people’s money last week:

Around 9:30 AM EDT, it began to appear the trouble was fixed:

Keep an eye on your bank accounts, folks.  Seems like something might be up . . .






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