A Patriot Implores Her Fellow Americans to See Through the…


Submitted by “B”

HOW to combat THIS Incessant nonstop propaganda shoved down our throats !  CNN just one of many –

So apparently BLM protesters who don’t wear masks and who don’t social distance did not spread COVID or increase cases – so says CNN & other parroting media.

So WHAT does that say ?
People!  . . . use your brains!
Analyze the facts . . .
Reason things out . . .
Draw conclusions.

NOT wearing masks and
NOT social distancing does
NOT affect or increase cases!

And WHY WOULD would WA State exempt LGBT,  people of color, and homeless from wearing masks?
I thought wearing masks is supposed to protect a person?
Does that mean Washington does not want to protect LGBT community, or homeless, or its people of color?

Nothing makes sense!!!
ALL twisted, warped nonsense!!
And people are falling for it because they are clueless, blind, uneducated, brainwashed, do not know history, unaware of the Constitution or our founding documents or federal laws; nor do they understand what Freedom truly is and how to maintain it.

Time for everyone to read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights!

Free copy here:

Online: https://www.heritage.org/constitution

Printed pocket constitution:

Americans need to WAKE UP, educate themselves & take back their country!

Use BRAVE browser, uncensored:

~ a SOTN Reader/Subscriber

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