COVID-19 Fraud Phase II Picks Up Steam


This is what is really happening in Texas (and I suspect most of the other places that claim a spike) directly from a senior executive of an ER chain.

Its no more serious than the common cold, but people with colds at work are required to go get tested. That puts the CV19 numbers up…..but there are NO patients in ICU in hospitals due to CV19. ICU’s are filled however with people who were too afraid to go to the hospital earlier, so their situation got worse, requiring intensive care to recover (cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc.)

Meanwhile: TWO STEPS BACK: Arizona shuts down everything for another 30 days.

Ha Ha!! L.A. County Sheriff Refuses to Enforce Beach Closure Order for July 4th

Wake UP: As Predicted, LOCKDOWNS Are Back In Some States! This is a war on us, and a war for our minds, and sadly, too many Americans are still falling for this

Despite the FAKE NEWS & LIES ABOUT a surge in coronavirus cases in the US, Black Lives Matter is still organizing rallies, marches and RIOTS. BURN UR MASKS !

Just RIDICULOUS! Tennessee Governor Extends State of Emergency to Aug. 29

Surprise, surprise, the European Commission (EC) had a “Roadmap on Vaccination” ready months before the COVID-19 pandemic broke out.

Death by killing old people, not COVID-the basic deception « Jon Rappoport

CDAN Blind Post: Netflix and Jeff Bezos Want COVID19 Shutdown to Bankrupt Movie Theaters and Force People Onto Streaming Services

Antony Fauci Takes Off Facemask When Cameras Are Off As He Testify At The Senate Coronavirus Hearing – No Media Coverage


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