“Brace Yourself” – For What Is Coming In The Months Ahead

A Key indicator seems to be taking place that proves a genocide is coming

KEY INDICATOR: Some of the store chains are not re-stocking and are instead selling off and shutting down despite not mentioning anything at all about being distressed.

QUESTION: If you were one of the stores that was allowed to stay open because “Corona mysteriously knows not to go there”, you know, – stores like WalMart – ANYTHING owned by the elite – If you had that advantage, and FINALLY did not have to deal with any competition at all from stores that are not elite owned, why would you sell the current stock out and continuously migrate what’s left to smaller and smaller areas? Answer: Because soon, there won’t be people left to support so many stores, and you have insider info stating that.

I have seen too many social media posts to ignore, which are stating stores are not re-stocking “certain items” and that many store chains are selling off everything. Stores like Burlington Coat Factory, and Bed Bath and Beyond – many reports that these types are simply selling off existing stock and moving what’s left into smaller areas. Many reports of this. Too many “rumors”, and ALWAYS BLAMED AS THE REASON: CHINA NOT SHIPPING.

China not shipping. Folks, CHINA IS SHIPPING AND HAS BEEN FOR MONTHS. Stores in Mexico are once again fully totally stocked with full variety, TO THE RAFTERS, including the tiny little private ones in centro that do nothing but sell Chinese stuff. Heck, a large one called Del Sol had a better selection of Chinese merchandise than I have ever seen there. I interviewed a guy from Taiwan named Gabriel who runs one of the little stores and he said China is shipping (and a whole lot more I’ll get into later) – he had tons of great merchandise.

At WalMart, there’s an enormous assortment of things, all the way from $89.00 15 speed bikes to elliptical machines. Every brand of detergent, all the antiseptic wipes and other stuff like that, and every brand of toilet paper in all sizes from 4 packs to jumbo packs. ALL stores are fully stocked with clothes, shoes, and appliances. I made it a point to check this out. There are no bare shelves anywhere. Lots of secondary stores, TINY ONES, packed full of low end Chinese made smart phones and other stuff like watches, toys, all types of solar lights and anything else you can imagine, with no indication whatsoever that there’s been any disruption at all.

If there is obviously NO disruption of Chinese supply lines, with stuff arriving like normal in Mex, and everyone is more stocked with that stuff than I have ever seen before, why are some American stores depleting their merchandise out?. There are NO stores selling down stock in the U.S. because “China is not shipping” Mexico proves this. If stores are not re-stocking there is another reason – like – why have a store full of merchandise when the purge happens? Who’s going to be around to buy it after that???

Back to Gabriel, who’s FULLY stocked.

I got a ton of images proving all the Mexican stores are stocked but since they’ll only amount to page clutter and I spoke to Gabriel directly, I’ll post his store (with him in the picture)

The big concern small retailers are having in Mexico is that quarantines and shut downs (which are now ending) disrupted the economy so badly that sales are slow. Slow sales are the problem, not an inability to get merchandise.

So what do I think this means?

If store shelves are empty, and prices are high, there’s something amiss in America. Prices in Mexico are LOW now. There’s no reason for high prices or shortages anywhere now and if that is happening, it is because it is wanted. Why would it be wanted? YOU GUESS.

There is a Christian pastor who may or may not be legit (That’s hard to say with these things, but this is worth posting – ) he’s gone viral enough to make it even with Alex Jones – he has stated that September is when it “all starts” and by November, it is going to be absolute chaos with the communist revolution, with the wealth of America totally robbed out from under the people outright. It’s the type of chaos that initiates genocides and if American stores are not STOCKED TO THE RAFTERS people had better take note, the stores absolutely should be that way now. And if they are not – Why re-stock when no one is going to be around to buy?

And it could be even worse – Why re-stock when the store is going to be burned to the ground (as planned) if not by rioters, by a helicopter (As I have stated repeatedly over the years here) – it has been planned since the communist takeover of Russia – American building codes REQUIRE everything built to be made of materials that burn to the ground. And they obscure that and make everyone “think they care” by writing “fire codes”. There are no fire codes in Mexico, they are not needed. But if in the U.S. a home cannot be burned to the ground because it is built like a Mexican home, it is declared a “bunker” and will get bulldozed. Who do you know in the U.S. that has a house that can’t be burned to the ground? NO ONE.

Stuff does not burn to the ground in Mexico, EVER. Because nothing, from the lowliest house to a factory to buildings up to about 10 stories tall – no buildings in that size range or below will burn unless ONLY the contents are burning, and that always just stays in one room, which has walls that won’t burn through. Why is America different? ANSWER:


Nothing could possibly be more convenient than lighting a match, once that’s done it does not matter how many guns the guy has.

I guess I could tell you to prepare but that’s getting boring.

Jim posted earlier last week:

I have noticed numerous posts about stores emptying out

There are numerous social media posts about stores like Burlington Coat Factory, Bed Bath and Beyond, (and lots lots more) selling down their stuff and closing off the parts of their stores that are now empty, having moved all merchandise to a smaller area. The posts are validated by the fact that it is all store locations doing it, not just one here and there –

People are speculating that it is a supply line crunch causing it. I can confirm from here that it is not, all the Chinese stuff is still on sale here, at lower than ever prices. Yesterday I saw the mechanical dogs that used to sell for $3 selling for $1. That’s spooky to see, these are complex devices with well over 100 parts (I have taken these apart to fix them for kids) and it seemed impossible it could exist for even $3. They are the classic battery operated dogs with fluffy cloth hair that walk and yap.

There are lots of other “too low to be true” prices everywhere in Mex and due to the lock downs here, it seems like very few people are buying. So this is not a supply issue.

Here is my guess, and I’ll be frank:

If they are going to kill off over half the population, they don’t need all these stores anymore. If they know everyone’s going to be gone anyway, why stock up? Why would America be selling down stores, at the same time Mexico is stacked to the rafters with whatever is vanishing in the U.S.?

I just wanted to point out here that no, toilet paper did not stop getting made, ALL the old brands and options are still available, every last one and in quantity. Every last thing there ever was is still available here, right down to my favorite brand of cheap shoes. Even things like refrigerators and sofas and big screens are 100 percent stocked. I noticed a dip in available cell phone makes and models, but all of that TOTALLY recovered, they are all back. If stuff really is vanishing in the United states, that is another huge warning of terrible plans, people in the U.S. had better WATCH OUT.


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