COVID-19 CURE PROTOCOL: Transcript of Dr. Richard Bartlett’s Bombshell Interview


Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview 7.2.20

Debbie Georgatos [DG]: True story. Last night I moderated a panel speaking at a political event. Afterwards I met a doctor here in Midland, Texas who has been working with COVID19 patients, coronavirus patients. The article is at our website

Joining us in our studio is Dr. Richard Bartlett who believes he found the silver bullet for COVID19. Can we start by telling our listeners about your medical background?

Richard Bartlett: 00:57 – 01:49 medical background, author, does medical missions in other countries.

01:51 mins DR: We already have an answer for this, and to put things in perspective in Taiwan there’s over 25 million people stacked on top of each other. If they did social distancing they’d be out in the ocean floating around. During the whole pandemic, in Taiwan only seven people died. You can stack seven people in a minivan, so the next time your viewers see a minivan think that’s how many people died in a country of 24 million people.

I’m gonna tell you why that’s the situation. It’s the situation also in Japan, 121million people in Japan and they had less than 1,000 people die during the whole pandemic. In Singapore only 12 people died during the whole pandemic.

Iceland, well that’s not possible according to what we’re being told in mainstream media but that’s reality. Anyone can look it up. You can even look at the Johns Hopkins COVID website and you’ll see those numbers. They’re hidden there but I’m pointing them out because the people in Texas need to hear good news. In Dallas they need to hear good news, and I have good news.

DG: You’re gonna tell us eventually what they’re doing in these other countries.

DR: They’re doing what I’m doing, which is not hydroxychloroquine although that works. What they’re doing is an inhaled steroid. My silver bullet is inhaled budesonide, the brand name originally was Pulmicort. Now it’s generic, it’s super cheap about $200 for the total treatment if you pay cash. With insurance many of my patients are not even having to pay for it.

You use a nebulizer machine. It’s an asthma medicine that’s a respiratory anti-inflammatory for COVID, which is a respiratory inflammatory disease, and it works. 100% of my patients are alive. I’ve been treating this since March. It takes five minutes to do a breathing treatment. You plug the machine in the wall, you put the premix, pre-measured medicine from the pharmacy into the little reservoir, you push the on button, and breathe it during five minutes. No mask. You use a little mouth piece that you hold in front of you and breathe for five minutes. Patients tell me they feel better during the first treatment. Their chest pain goes away, their shortness of breath goes away, their fever breaks.

Testimonials 04:46 – 06:34 mins

Let’s talk about what COVID is. It’s a respiratory virus that goes into the lungs, binds to ace receptors in the lungs and that triggers the release of inflammatory chemicals we call a cytokine storm that’s a fancy word for inflammatory chemicals and enzymes that are released in the total body. So with COVID we have a killer that’s never been around before. It is killing some people if they’re not treated, and so for 50% of the people they get it and don’t even know they had it but for the 20% that are at risk there are treatments. We already have an answer.

Taiwan, 24 million people don’t need to wait for a vaccine. They don’t have a problem that you should vaccinate 24 million people for.

They only had seven die during the whole pandemic.


08:23 mins DR. This medicine has been out for over 20 years. There’s lots of research on it. It’s safe. Big Pharma is not going to make a dime off it, nobody is going to make any money. It’s $200 for the total treatment versus experimental, antiviral, hospitalization, and be a part of an experiment that costs over $3,100 just for the medicine. Then you pay at $15,000 at least to be in hospital during that time, unless you go to ICU and pay $30 or $40 thousand on top of being sick.

DG: So this is the medication you prescribed before COVID ever came along, for asthma?

DR: Yes, for asthma prevention. There’s 25 million people in America who have asthma and so this medicine is used routinely for over 20 years

to prevent asthma attacks. It’s the first-line, preventive measure to protect people from having an asthma attack, is an inhaled steroid. That’s what they’re doing in Japan. That’s what they’re doing in Taiwan. That’s what they’re doing in Singapore.

DG: Even healthy people over there?

09:28 mins DR: Yes, with COVID they’re treating with inhaled steroids if they get COVID. So, for the 50% of the people who are gonna get it and never have symptoms they don’t need medicine, they certainly don’t need a vaccine, but for the 20% who are at risk of death if they don’t get treated, we have an answer.

What we need to do is early testing, early treatment. We need to detect it early. America has the best health care system. We do early detection and early treatment for cancer, for heart disease, for stroke, for all kinds of infections but this is crazy that we’re doing what Communist China is doing, and we’re parroting that through the World Health Organization. The World Health Organization is praising what China did, and so Italy follows suit, and look at Italy, over 30,000 people died in Italy so far versus seven in a country where people are stacked on top of each other, 24 million, and so I’m telling you they came upon the same solution that I came upon independently. I started treating this in March and it works.

DG: I know you’ve used it before, so when you realized that COVID 19 was having such a disastrous thing in America did you need someone else to advise you so try this?


DR: In March, I was working a 48 hour shift in the emergency room, and I was distraught. I’m a Christian and I was praying throughout that 48 hour shift. I’d see patient after patient. I was thinking God, what am I gonna do if someone comes in here with COVID and they’re dying? They’re gonna trust me to do the right thing for them and I don’t have an answer. I laid down for a catnap between patients. I woke up convinced that God had given me a winning strategy, and a week later I had to try it on my first two patients and for every patient it’s working. It’s what Japan stumbled on it and Taiwan stumbled on it, an inhaled steroid. They’re using a different one that I’m using. The one I’m using I think is better, inhaled budesonide with a nebulizer treatment.

I’m also giving an antibiotic that will cover walking pneumonia, and other pneumonia that’s called clarithromycin, and I also give zinc because that interferes with virus multiplication but the silver bullet is inhaled steroids, and the reason I use inhaled instead of IV, is because if you give a steroid IV or as a shot in the muscle that goes total body through the bloodstream, or as pills that goes total body, every time you’re turning down the immune system, the ability to fight infection. Every time you’re dialing down the ability to heal but if you use it as a targeted source; one of my sons is a firefighter. If they shoot the fire extinguisher at the source of the fire, at the base of the fire, and all the flames go out. This is like targeting the source of the inflammatory chemicals at the source, and all the fiery flames of inflammation are put out with the nebulizer treatment. The reason I’m using a nebulizer is, if you use an inhaler 90 percent of the medicine never gets to where you need it. Research shows that but a nebulizer works.

DG: There’s great pushing in this country to just hold off, stay home, wait for the vaccine. When you discover something like this, what do you do as a doctor, when you discover a new treatment? How do you let other doctors know, how do you let the government know?

13:14 mins DR: I’m doing everything I can that’s why I stayed here an extra day, so I could be on the news with you, so we can let the good people of Dallas know we have solutions to this problem already. Last Friday I got a call from Ted Cruz’s office. He heard about it. His chief of staff and another member called me and we had a 30-minute call. I’ve written a paper about this. We cite 51 articles that are tried and true from established journals, well well-recognized journals supporting what we’re doing. We sent the unpublished paper to Senator Cruz’s office. So he is responsible for the information he has now, and now everybody knows he has it. Also, I understand that President Trump will also have my unpublished paper. We’re of course going to publish it but why wait six months till it gets published?

14:29 mins DR: This inhaled budesonide against COVID is currently being studied by the NIH now. Their study will be over in October but it’s set up for failure at the start. Let me tell you how. Early detection and early treatment are common sense, are the American healthcare system.

What we’re getting is what Communist China has forced on the whole world; don’t wait until you’re a breath away from death, wait until the house has burned two-thirds down and then seek help. This is what the CDC’s telling us to do, and every authority is telling us, don’t seek help if you’ve got mild to moderate symptoms, wait till you have severe symptoms.

I get calls from people who go to the ER because they feel bad, and they’re sent home with a positive test saying take Tylenol and tough it out at home. That is the standard of care being put out, that’s a terrible plan for any health care problem especially one that can kill you, and for 20% of the people this is a killer. We don’t know who that 20% is but if they have symptoms we have something we can do about it.

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