Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview — PART 2 TRANSCRIPT


Dr. Richard Bartlett | ACWT Interview 7.2.20

15:23 mins DR: The NIH is studying it, and so is France, which lost over 30,000 people to this. Spain said they’re going to study inhale budesonide against COVID19. Last week, the University of Oxford announced they’re going to study inhaled budesonide against COVID. Will they set the study up for failure like I feel NIH has done? The criteria by the NIH is that you have to have pneumonia, be in the ICU, and be on a ventilator before they’ll even give you this.

DG: What is the reason not to test until someone who’s severely ill versus early on first symptoms?


In Italy they did social distancing, wore masks, shut down everything and how did that work? Let’s talk about what works, which is what I’m doing, what they’re doing in Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan, which is early detection.

17:03 mins DR: The reason the numbers are going up is that we have 100 times the amount of tests being done. That’s what they’re doing in those countries with early detection. We don’t say wait till you’ve got stage four cancer and then seek help. We don’t do that with any other disease.

I don’t know why this is being forced on us. It’s unamerican. People are dying. If you get COVID you are put in the hospital, your family can’t be there to be your advocate. I can’t tell you, as a doctor, how many times I’ve seen loved ones in the hospital where they hang something. My daughter was pregnant and they hung something. I asked what they were giving her? It was half in her already and they tell me, and I said that’s for the room next door.

I’m telling you the truth. A family member in the room is an advocate you are not allowed to have right now. If you look at what’s going on, if we wanted to go with science, scientific fact by definition is observable and reproducible. When I started hearing people say I feel better with inhaled budesonide that was something I’d never heard before. I observed it, and it’s reproducible.

For 20 years we’ve see an epidemic in China. We see them walking the streets with masks. It wasn’t working for them then, so I don’t know why it’s being forced on the whole world now. Something that’s working in Japan and Singapore and is working with my patients, we should be focused on the science and facts instead of fear.

18:57 mins DG: There’s some sort of manipulation toward encouraging America to just wait for a vaccine. I don’t know if it’s the pharmaceutical companies, if it’s individuals in power invested in the pharmaceutical companies, but who would be telling Americans we’d rather you die because we want you to wait for a vaccine?

DR: It seems people are willing to sacrifice others for an agenda because we have solutions already that are working. There’s a track record of success by many doctors in Texas, which stands out compared to other states as far as survival rate. I think there is a lot of political motivation behind decisions being made right now.

DG: Here’s my concern. I think there’s a great agenda on the part of some in this country, many in the media, who want to keep the economy damaged because of the results of corona virus, to keep Americans afraid in their homes. All of that works against the re-election of President Trump.

DR: We had a pandemic in 2009. It was the H1N1 and you know what? THE FLU STRAIN GOING AROUND NOW IS H1N1. Our patients who have the flu have H1N1. We’re not focused on that at all. It’s not as big a deal as they thought it was. I just saw an article where Anthony Fauci’s warning we might have a new pandemic coming of H1N1 from China. That strain is already here.

There’s a lot of misinformation, a lot of things blown out of proportion, and I’m here to tell you the good news. Look at those countries, look at my results. I believe Dr. Lozano is doing the right thing as well.

DG: Yet it’s like we met this wall of opposition from the media, and pharmacy companies holding out for a vaccine.

DR: There was concern about a shortage of hydroxychloroquine. Let me tell you, budesonide inhaled steroid is super cheap, readily available premix, pre-measured, nobody’s going to make any money off it. At every pharmacy there is an abundance of it, there will never be a shortage, and so that accusation will not be valid.

DG: What is your sense about the importance about every day use of masks?

21:47 mins DR: I’m gonna pivot off that because that’s what they did in Italy with over 30,000 deaths, in France with over 30,000 deaths, in Spain with 30,000 deaths, and New York 30,000 deaths. Let’s go with a winning strategy of early detection and early treatment with a winning strategy of successful treatment, which is what we have, an effective, cost-effective, readily available at every pharmacy, and so there are several ways to treat the flu.

If I told you the reason we’re going to shut down the country, hairdressers will not be able to open their salons, we’re going to shut down everybody’s non-essential business because tens of thousands are dying from a respiratory viral illness that’s very contagious, oh that’s the flu. Over 80,000 a year die from the flu but we’ve never worn masks to protect people before, we never insisted on that to save American lives. We have something that works.

Look on internet and you’ll see in Japan they’re crawling over each other at sushi bars acting normal, and they have less than 1,000 deaths in a population of 121 million people. Social distancing is not what is saving them.

DG: From a political perspective there’s just too much control coming out of government based on health problems, and with actual penalties for business owners, and people’s lives, whole surrender of our economy, people losing businesses.

DR: When the government says I know more about what’s good for your health than your doctor that’s socialism, that’s communism. We were all in horror watching the apocalypse happen in China. People were dropping in the streets everybody saw that, and then we saw the wave spread Italy, France, Spain, and our country. The strategy they used is the strategy they’re sill recommending and now they’re fining people for not wearing a mask, and social distancing.

I’m in favor of the winning strategy.

DR: I’m letting you know who knows about this and we’ll see what happens. Kent Hance knows, US representative Babin knows, Ted

Kruz has the paper, which I believe will get to President Trump. Star Parker with the White House has my information.
26:32 mins DG: Is there a need for vaccine?


Is there need for a vaccine with the same pandemic in Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, and Iceland where only 10 people died during this whole pandemic, and seven deaths in Taiwan, a country of 24 million?

Let’s talk about the vaccine. This is information people need to know. COVID is a rapidly mutating virus. In Iceland they broke down the DNA of the virus and found 243 mutations already in April.

DO NOT fear COVID. There are ways to treat it. If your doctor won’t treat you, find another doctor. There are several solutions for this. I’m talking about one of them. For a rapidly mutating virus a vaccine is not the solution. This is a corona virus. It goes around every year, the common cold. We get flu vaccines every year and at best it covers 40%. That’s not a 100% success rate, and you have to get it every year.

If they’re gonna make a COVID vaccine it’s not going to be a one-time shot, and people like Anthony Fauci and Deborah Birks who brag they’ve been working on a vaccine for AIDS for 40 years, and have not been successful. It’s because AIDS is a rapidly mutating virus parallel to what we have now.

Misinformation is being sent to doctors saying we’re not worried about a vaccine being made because this isn’t changing much. The fact these doctors are not going to get, unless they do some research, is that 243 mutations of this virus were identified in a study in Iceland already so how can you make a safe effective vaccine?

28:44 mins Let’s talk about vaccines in general. When they had the race for the polio vaccine ‘Polio an American Story’ is a book out in 2005. The author was our keynote speaker for the Texas Medical Association, and explained that thousands died from the polio vaccine, and tens of thousands were paralyzed or debilitated from the vaccine.

We don’t want to move at warp speed towards a vaccine and force it on the American people when we don’t need it, and secondly we need to ensure we don’t miss any of the steps that prove it’s safe.

DG: 243 mutations in the Iceland study. Say the vaccine they’re trying to develop now, even if they made it perfectly effective as to the current COVID19 problem would not work against all the other mutations.

DR: It may not work 2 months from now and the beautiful thing about the treatment I’m using is that no matter how many times it mutates it’s universally going to work because it decreases inflammation. It’s a respiratory anti-inflammatory solution for a respiratory inflammatory problem and I’ve had people go through many adventures. Each person’s COVID story is different but thank you Jesus all of them lived.

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