A Nationwide “Law and Order” Endeavor
to Ensure the Protection of the Citizenry
and Safeguarding of All Homes,
Businesses and Property

Submitted by the Patriot Movement
State of the Nation

WHO: American Patriots in every county

WHAT: To establish the necessary organizational infrastructure
as well as process and procedure to protect the citizenry

WHERE: All 50 States in the American Republic

WHEN: Today, tomorrow and for years to come

WHY: To maintain Law and Order throughout the land

HOW: By establishing new law enforcement coordination between
County Sheriffs and State Militias and/or County Militias

The backbone of this nationwide initiative is made up of the county sheriffs and local militias.

Many sheriff’s offices throughout the USA are occupied by Patriots who truly value law and order locally and nationally.  Some have even bravely gone on record to defend every American’s right to own and possess firearms. See: Maryland Sheriff Says It Will Be CIVIL WAR Before Gun Confiscation

Likewise, virtually every militia, both state and county, that has organized has done so as a response to very real threats in their regions.  Many of these militias are populated by serious Patriots who are military veterans, law enforcement officers, gun owners, hunters, NRA members, conservatives, libertarians, Christians, tea partiers and others on the Right.

The primary purpose of PATRIOT PROJECT 2020 is to connect these two groups — sheriffs and militias — in a seamless, coordinated manner so they can quickly respond to left-wing extremists. While the sheriffs bring all the resources from official law enforcement to this team, militias bring unlimited personnel and firepower.

Given the wanton death and destruction already wrought by Black Lives Matter rioting, AntiFa violence and SUNRISE Movement scheming around the country, there is now a great need to respond to future chaos and conflict caused by these George Soros-funded terrorist organizations.

*Stay tuned for more developments about this vital initiative to protect Americans
and safeguard their property across the entire nation.

State of the Nation
July 5, 2020

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