BOMBSHELL! Canadian Lawsuit Filed In Excruciating Detail Against the Government’s COVID-19 Measures

Press Release – Legal Challenge to COVID-19 Measures


July 8, 2020

The mass and indiscriminate containment of citizens, the restriction of access to parliament, the courts, medical and educational services, the destruction of local economies and livelihoods, and the requirement to physically distance, along with the forced use of non-medical masking are extraordinary measures never before been imposed on the citizens of Canada. The impact of these aberrant measures on our physical, emotional, psychological, social and economic well-being is profoundly destructive and these actions are unsustainable, unwarranted, extreme and unconstitutional.

Vaccine Choice Canada has made numerous formal requests of the Government of Canada and various provincial governments to provide evidence that justifies the declaration of an emergency, the imposition of unscientific and unwarranted measures, and the violations of our Charter rights and freedoms, to no avail.

Many recognized global health and research experts have offered their severe and valid criticism of government overreach and the draconian and unjustifiable measures taken in response to COVID-19. All this continues to fall on the deaf ears of governments.

On July 6, 2020, Vaccine Choice Canada formally filed legal action in the Ontario Superior Court to hold multiple parties accountable for their actions with respect to COVID-19 measures. READ more at

Denis G. Rancourt B.Sc., M.Sc. Ph.D., former tenured and Full Professor of physics at the University of Ottawa, Canada. Full Professor is the highest rank.

Masks Don’t Work: A review of science relevant to COVID-19 social policy

On June 03, 2020 Research Gate banned Denis G. Rancourt’s paper after it reached 400K views. Thankfully, the article was archived by a reader here

Constitutional violations

Defendants and Claims

Some plaintiffs’ names have been redacted to protect them from harassment.

The Claims are a ‘WAKE-UP call to every Canadian.

A review of the COVID19 timeline begins on page 46, item 64 through page 76.

It’s not about the germ, it’s about the terrain

COVID19 is a colossal psyop by ruling entities who failed to DEMONSTRABLY JUSTIFY COVID19 plandemic policies and mandates that severely curtail civil liberties.

Their COVID action plan for global governance is a most sophisticated algorithm mapping system, designed through the cloud program, to re-structure every facet of life toward world domination. Featured to the right of each topic is a Summary, multi-media access to copious details, and tabs to key issues.

Do some research and inform others. Their plan must be exposed and transformed to support and sustain life in harmony and peace.

What each of us can do

Please, take a moment to give thanks for Claim Number CV-20-00643451-0000 filed in Ontario Superior Court of Justice on July 06, 2020, and to the plaintiffs whose action is a wake up call to unaware people seduced by deception.

Next, please take time to energize the field of limitless possibilities by thinking about, talking about, writing about, feeling about, and sharing factual information, so more people see that the eternal struggle between evil and good enveloping us now is an opportunity to mature as a species and set ourselves free.

Spread the word. Thank you.


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