Is the CDC poised to remove COVID-19 from epidemic status?

CDC on the Verge of Cancelling Epidemic Status for COVID-19

American Liberty Report

We’re all burned out on coronavirus news. It has dominated our lives for months. Long ago, it became clear that we were grossly overreacting. Yes, this virus is deadly to people who are on death’s door, but aside from that, the virus has failed to live up to the hype. Still, you’re hearing about it every day, and still, it’s being studied with fury and madness. On the plus side, all of this attention means that we get regular updates from the CDC, and the latest one is going to surprise you.

Watching the news, you’d think that the virus is worse than ever. You’re going to need to sit down for this, but . . . the media has been lying to you. The virus is on the rise in eastern Europe and South America. In the U.S., it’s actually nowhere near the peak we hit in April. If you account for increased testing rates, the virus is a little worse than it was in early June, but it’s still about a third of where it peaked before.

This is even more obvious when you look at the fact that despite the rising infection rates for over a month now, the death rates have fallen consistently the whole time. If infections go up but deaths go down, there must be a catch in there somewhere.

Things get interesting when you look at the latest info from the CDC. You see, they have guidelines as to what constitutes an epidemic. Those guidelines were in place well before the onset of the Wu Flu, and when you look at those rules, coronavirus barely counts as an epidemic right now. Even though infection rates are high, death rates are right on the verge of not even being considered an epidemic at all. If they continue to fall, the CDC predicts the Chinese virus will officially cease to be an epidemic in the U.S. as early as the next few weeks. Still, the mainstream media will try to tell you that it’s worse than ever.

The question is, will politicians that have gotten used to their increased powers be willing to give them up when that happens? That’s the real story to watch.

Keep a close eye on which politicians are happy to get out of the way and protect your fundamental freedoms. Keep a closer eye on who is desperate to maintain power after the excuse is gone. That tells you where the real threat is and was all along.

Ultimately, the CDC will tell us when the Wu Flu isn’t a threat anymore. When that happens, you can trust that there will be politicians who, by their actions, prove that this was never about the coronavirus in the first place. It was always about power, and we’ll have to see just how strongly those politicians have to be reminded of why America is the land of the free.


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