“Detached-from-Reality” Jerrold Nadler calls AntiFa violence and BLM riots in Portland a ‘myth”

Where are the fact checkers? Rep. Jerry Nadler claims Antifa violence in Portland is a MYTH (VIDEO)


Congressman Jerry Nadler has been raked across the coals by social media after insisting that there is no protester-instigated violence in Portland. The lawmaker has spearheaded efforts to discredit federal police in the city.

The New York Democrat was approached by pundit and internet personality Austen Fletcher, who asked the House member if he “disavows the violence from Antifa happening in Portland right now.”

“That’s a myth that’s being spread only in Washington, DC,” Nadler responded.

Clearly amused by the lawmaker’s answer, Fletched clarified: “About Antifa in Portland?”

“Yes,” the NY representative shot back as he walked away.

The popular political commenter then urged Nadler to “look online” and watch videos about what’s been happening in the Oregon city. “There’s fires and riots. They’re throwing fireworks at federal officers,” he said. The congressman hurried into a waiting vehicle without responding.

For those who have been watching the nightly clashes in Portland, Nadler’s denial seemed incomprehensible. Prominent podcast host and mathematician Eric Weinstein expressed exasperation over the lawmaker’s comments.

“We are willing to spend all credibility to defend what can be INSTANTLY invalidated. Who came up with this policy, why does it exist, and how is anyone able to maintain it without deviating from the script?” he wrote, including a split-screen video showing Nadler’s denial alongside the chaos unfolding in Portland.

Others called on CNN and other mainstream outlets usually eager to jump on any remotely misleading statements made by Donald Trump, to fact-check Nadler’s provocative assertion.

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