Frank Putin’s wife’s interview with Lyudmila Putina (Video)

The media published the dying words of Lyudmila Putina.

Disappearance of Lyudmila Putin revealed. The wife of the Russian president did not go to the monastery, and did not leave the country. The woman was killed after she uncovered the secret life of Vladimir Putin. This was told by friends close to Vladimir Putin.
Vladimir Putin has died. He was replaced by a double, which continues to “rule” the country. Who is above this idea is still unknown. This news earlier reported to Lyudmila Putin, telling shocking news in a black kerchief. In mourning, the president’s wife told what could not be heard by people. After the recognition the woman disappeared. After numerous investigations it became known that the Russian woman was killed. Now they started talking about this openly. “She was eliminated immediately after her revealing interview about President Putin’s counterpart. The decision to liquidate Putin’s ex-wife was made in order to prevent the disclosure of details of the death of the present Vladimir Putin and the President’s double, with whom she lived for many years, “the message reads. Let’s remind, Lyudmila Putin told about the death of her husband. “My husband, unfortunately, has long been dead. I have to admit it publicly, because I can not see what’s happening on his behalf anymore. These are terrible people. They will not stop at nothing. I’m afraid that now they will kill me and my daughters as well as they killed him … Our family could not be called ideal. When I got married, I was in love with an intelligence officer. But the reality turned out to be quite different. Putin was a mean, cruel man, a tyrant. He never considered me, he simply did not notice my existence, “the wife of the Russian president said. “A few days later, his first … understudy appeared. Then I learned that the murder of Vladimir was prepared ahead of time, he was eliminated when the first double was almost ready to take his place. Outwardly, of course, he was very similar to Putin – I was amazed. But it was a completely different person. They somehow managed to track down the girls. And they put forward an ultimatum – or I play the role of a devoted wife, or neither me nor my daughters anymore. I had no choice. I tried to avoid public events before. Intriguing attention of journalists, intrigues and gossip – all this offends me. But to pretend to be a wife of a stranger to me was even more terrible. That’s why they were preparing a double for me – so that when I said something is not as planned in the script, I’ll smooth out the embarrassment. If they managed to bring my double to a more or less good resemblance, I would have been killed long ago.


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