Mandatory Vaccines Administered with “Total Legal Immunity” Violates the Doctrine of Personal Privacy

Marin County, CA
August 3, 2020

Dear Great Neck North Class of 1963:

There are some in our class who are eagerly awaiting the release of a vaccine to ostensibly protect them from the impact of the novel coronavirus.

As a Harvard-trained constitutional lawyer and civil libertarian, I find the notion of “total legal immunity” execrable and arguably a crime against humanity under international law being perpetrated by corporations against a captured
market of innocent citizens.

Making such vaccinations mandatory on public health grounds, and then providing manufacturers with insulation from their possible negligence, violates the doctrine of personal privacy which safeguards sovereignty over one’s body.  This “total legal immunity” also makes a mockery of the rule of law!

I see it as a horrible example of the abuse of power by an overly authoritarian State reminiscent of Orwell’s 1984!

I completely understand the concerns of those dealing with the current health crisis, but the legal standard appropriate for actions by government is to rely on “the least restrictive alternative”!

With Big Tech colluding with Big Pharma and Big Media to censor those promoting alternative remedies such as HCQ, we have achieved a truly Orwellian moment that smacks of tyranny to this pilgrim.

The current course of action of the almost total lockdown of our country has resulted in enormous economic hardship to countless millions based on an imperfect treatment model and dubious leadership decisions by high government officials.

I invite a vigorous debate among our classmates and others who peruse these comments. Resorting to personal attacks as was done in the past will undermine such a discussion and debilitate into the kind of incivility now dominant in the USA.

We can and must do better than those now in charge of the country.

Best wishes for good health to you all.

Your feedback and input will be most welcome.

Rich Scheck

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