Pelosi’s Plan for Becoming President in January 2021

Here’s what the Dems may be planning re: delaying the vote count. And why Nan had the continuity of government meeting, saying she’d be #2 in line for the Presidency.


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The Dems all of a sudden seem a little too confident in some plan. Here is what may be at play:

The Constitution’s 20th Amendment also requires the president and vice president to end their terms of office on January 20 at noon in the year following the general election. In addition to those basic constitutional requirements, Congress by statute controls when electoral votes are counted at the states and at Congress. The current statute reads that “the electors of President and Vice President of each State shall meet and give their votes on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December next following their appointment at such place in each State as the legislature of such State shall direct.” This year, that day is December 14, 2020. Another part of the election law requires the states to send in their electoral votes to Congress by December 23, 2020. If electoral votes are not received by the fourth Wednesday in December, then the President of the Senate or the Archivist of the United States can use “the most expeditious method available” to get the votes sent to Congress. The electoral votes received by Congress are counted in a joint session at 1 p.m. on January 6. If a presidential or vice presidential candidate does not receive a majority of the electoral votes, the House selects the next president and the Senate selects the next vice president.

Does the Constitution allow for a delayed presidential election?

What all this means is that if there is a snag with all the mail in voting due to Covid-19 that does not indicate a clear winner, the House gets to chose the next president. POTUS’s term constitutionally is up on Jan 20. This is why the Dems keep saying that they may have to physically remove POTUS if he refuses to go – curious?

Right now my understanding is that there are enough Republican run states that they could give POTUS the needed electoral votes by the delegates to clear the 270 threshold and send their votes in even if there is a problem with the mail ins. We did not expect to take the Democrat run states that are promoting mail in ballots – their plan is to delay the count to not have a clear winner. There are previous elections that still are not decided because of the mail in system. This is what is being set up. The Dems could care less about what the actual vote is – they are working on something entirely different to steal the election – they are planning to not have the results thereby giving the House the ability to chose the next president. This is why Nancy Pants and company had a meeting about continuity of government – they are planning this move.

POTUS’s tweet the other day about a cancelled election was possibly to let us know what they are planning. Please pass this along for discussion. I do not put anything past them at this point and this maneuver would be completely constitutional and there would be nothing to stop them but exposure. So, we need to keep an eye on those Republican run states – if they go to mail in voting it could be an indication they will side with this latest coup attempt.

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