FLASHBACK: Biden & the C.I.A. broke many laws with the Ukraine bribery scheme

Biden, CIA broke multiple laws

By THE WASHINGTON TIMES – – Sunday, September 29, 2019

Let’s recap the Ukraine situation, shall we? Former Vice President Joe Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion of U.S. aid (paid by taxpayers) from Ukraine in order to get a prosecutor off his son’s back. (If you can’t see the crime there, I can’t help you.) President Trump, who has the broad foreign policy powers enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, mentioned this malfeasance in a polite leaked conversation with Ukraine’s new president.

The propaganda media and leftist elites are now screaming for the impeachment of President Trump due to this information being brought to Rep. Adam Schiff’s attention not by a whistleblower, but, according to The New York Times, a CIA plant in the White House. Yes, that’s the same CIA that cannot legally spy in the United States on another citizen, especially the president. So there’s another crime.

Thus, this Ukraine “whistleblower” brouhaha is just another day of the president exposing the truth and crimes of members of the former administration, its members’ families and the CIA. And the Democrats want people want to trust their government? No, thanks.


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