US ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea Issued Threats to Prime Minister Hassan Diab to Coerce the Exclusion of Hezbollah from Government

US Ambassador to Lebanon Insolently Threatens PM Diab : Report

Translated by Al-Manar News

After her public statements in which she called for creating a technocratic government that excludes Hezbollah, the US ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shea insolently sent threats to the prime minister Hassan Diab in the context of the escalating pressures exerted by the United States on all the Lebanese.

According to the Lebanese daily newspaper Al-Akhbar, Shea conveyed via mutual friends to PM Diab a message which claims that the latter follows and implements Hezbollah agenda.

The daily added Shea intensified her pressures on PM Diab after she had realized that Diab is seriously handling the economic cooperation with Iraq and China in the fields of oil and investments in order to cope with the US siege imposed on Lebanon.

Al-Akhbar pointed out that PM Diab does not respond to Shea’s messages and threats, yet even expresses dissatisfaction with the US policy which neither helps Lebanon nor allows it to seek attaining its interests.

Source: Al-Akhbar Newspaper (Translated and edited by Al-Manar English Website Staff)


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