Why did the mainstream media completely ignore this tragic story about black-on-white murder?

Leftist Media Blackout Over Death Of 5-Year Old Boy Shot In The Head

Jonathan Davis
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The killing of a five-year-old boy, who was shot in the head by a neighbor earlier this week, should garner more than just a passing mention in local media.

You would think that such a horrific crime would garner the national spotlight. But if you thought that, you’d be wrong because so far, it just hasn’t happened.



“Cannon Hinnant Say his name @CNN @NBCNews @CBSNews @ABC,” wrote Jason Howerton of The Blaze wrote on Twitter, posting screenshots from four major news networks that showed no coverage of the execution-style murder of the boy.

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The Washington Examiner noted:

Police believe convicted felon Darius Sessoms approached the young boy earlier this week and shot him in the head in front of his two young sisters in North Carolina. He had no apparent motive except for a family member’s theory that Hinnant rode his bicycle through Sessoms’s yard.

Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review pointed out the several felony convictions on Sessoms’s record and asked in an article, titled “Justice for 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant means locking up violent criminals,” why the alleged killer wasn’t locked up in the first place.

“Why aren’t Republican senators in North Carolina pushing endless legislation to toughen sentencing on gun and drug felons and parole violators who are almost always the sort of people who wind up committing these heinous acts?” Horowitz wrote, referencing the alleged killer’s criminal record.

“Instead, both parties are obsessing about weakening our system even more under the guise of a racial inequality that is actually the other way around.”

Horowitz also asked another obvious question: Whether race has anything to do with the insulting, disgusting dearth of coverage, being as how the boy was white and his suspected killer is black.

“In the new America that is driven by racial politics rather than justice, what do you think would happen if a white man killed a 5-year-old black boy on his bike execution-style, regardless of racial motivations?” Horowitz asked not-so-rhetorically.

“This happened in Wilson, North Carolina, except it was a black man and a white boy. Now there are crickets from the political class,” he continued.

“No kneeling, foot-washing, renaming of American symbols, endless legislation to lock up career criminals like this alleged perpetrator, or frantic press releases from every organization known to man to mourn the loss of life. And most certainly, there seems to be no expectation of rioting. Why not?”

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The answers are obvious, of course, even if unspoken – though, as Horowitz is demonstrating the questions should be asked in a loud, clear manner.

Because he’s right. If the situation were reversed and a deranged white man with or without a criminal record simply walked into a neighborhood and gunned down a young black boy, there would be riots, looting, and violence for months.

Oh, and wall-to-wall coverage on the same pathetic ‘news’ networks that are ignoring this tragedy.

Say his name — Cannon Hinnant – and demand that the national networks cover this tragedy.


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