Despicable Democrats Running a Senile Candidate with Dementia to Elect Kamala Harris (Video)

The following comment was posted by Joe Blanco

Democrats are being easily tricked and manipulated into having Harris as the President if the election is won in Biden’s name. This corrupt, inept Hillary clone politician, who will be easily controlled by the rich and powerful, could never win the oval office on her own in an honest election process. All she wants is to be President, she does not care about policy as she does not have her own core beliefs. She will get to play President and the rich and powerful will tell her what to do and when she leaves office they will make her very wealthy.

Imagine if Biden wins and then he quickly steps aside. Such an act would be the most disgusting political act in history. Harris, who was so overwhelmingly rejected by voters in the primaries would be installed as President. Most voters believe that they would be getting Biden as President and they probably have the long traditional view that the vp is an office with no power and only there in case the President dies. And no voter goes into the voting booth believing that they are voting for the vp and also that their presidential pick is going to die or is going to be replaced quickly after assuming or possibly before he assumes office. This political scheme that the Democratic Party leaders are engaged in is the most disgusting, criminal, and immoral act ever to be performed in the history of Western Democracy.

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