September 11 & October 15, 2020 Are Key Illuminati Dates for 9/11-level Events (Video)

Heads up: Sept 11.20 and Oct 15. 20

Our Greater Destiny

Exposing harm before it happens can de-energize the possibility.

Options are to ignore, deny, and or fear what is alleged, which energetically strengthen them, or with compassion spread the word to safeguard and de-energize the following allegations.

It is alleged that on Sept. 11, 2020, global depopulation commences in earnest.

Increased SMART meter radiation to justify COVID19 level 2?

It is alleged that on Oct 15, 2020, electromagnetic frequency radiation from residential s.m.a.r.t. meters will gradually be increased. People will slowly be deprived of oxygen resulting in symptoms similar to the coronavirus flu.

Think about people already sheltering in place, and the possibility of hard lock down.

Turning on 5G

It is alleged that 5G towers [60 GHz] will be turned on.

It is alleged that all form of communication in ‘kill’ zones will be turned off, to prevent information reaching the rest of the world.

Hard lock down is coming, get out of ‘Dodge’ if you can

People are waking up to the corruption, collusion, fraud, genocide, and COVID19 Plandemic, so it is possible the predator class feel compelled to turn up the volume.

Other threats include hard lock down, so the farther away from city centers the better off.

The video will not embed. Copy and save the transcript.

Spread the word, and pray one or more perpetrators stand down, refuse orders to destroy our lives and species. Thank you.


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