ALL LIVES MATTER, not just black lives!

Letter to the SOTN Editor

Dear Editor,

You folks have nailed everything.  Practically everything, that is.

9/11 ✅

JFK assassination ✅

Oklahoma City Bombing ✅

5G ✅

Internet of Things ✅

DEWs ✅

SMART Meters ✅

Vaccines ✅

GMOs ✅

Glyphosate ✅

Water Fluoridation ✅

California Pyro-terrorism ✅

Weaponized Hurricanes ✅

Earthquake Weapons

Fukushima ✅

BP Gulf Oil Spill ✅

Chernobyl ✅

Chemtrails & Geoengineering ✅

Global Warming & Climate Change ✅

False Flag Mass Shootings ✅

False Flag Bombings ✅

Agenda 21 ✅

2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development ✅

Transhumanism ✅

AI & Autonomous Superintelligence ✅

Technological Singularity ✅

Globalization ✅

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin ✅

Gold Price Fixing & Tungsten Gold

War on Terror ✅

Purple Revolution ✅

Rothschilds and Rockefellers ✅

Federal Reserve ✅

New World Order ✅

One World Government ✅

Global Control Matrix ✅

Global Security Superstate ✅

World War III ✅

Global Economic & Financial System Preplanned ✅

Operation COVID-19, Plandemic, CORONAhoax & THE GREAT SCAMDEMIC ✅

George Soros & Sons, Barack & Michael Obama, Bill & Melinda Gates, Bill & Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden & Kamala Harris,  Tony Fauci & Tedros Adhanom, Deborah Birx & Robert Redfield, Andrew & Chris Cuomo, Nancy Pelosi & Gavin Newsom, etc.,etc., etc.


Then why have you folks failed to nail
down the Black Lives Matter scam
and sham, ruse and hoax, rip-off and
racket, fraud and hustle, shakedown
and extortion, blackmail and squeeze,
con and swindle.

Really, what gives with you crackerjack super-sleuths and consummate investigators?

How about it?

Isn’t it time to unmask of the perpetrators of the biggest shakedown in US history?!?!?!?!

Don’t get us wrong: black lives matter—they certainly do!

But guess what, SOTN, the truth is that:



Well, don’t they?

Shouldn’t the rallying cry worldwide really be ALL LIVES MATTER, everywhere, all the time?

So, how did we get here, to only Black Lives Matter?  Or, that they somehow matter more than anyone else’s?  How did we get to an exploding race war across the land in 2020?

Let’s face one stark reality: the more BLM does its thing around the country, the more clear it becomes that it was set up as a highly organized, well-funded, domestic terrorist organization.

A stone-cold terror group is what BLACK LIVES MATTER really is.  Nothing short of it.

Not only that, but LOTs of evidence proves it’s being funded by arch-enemies of the American Republic.

So where are you guys on all of this?

Why aren’t you taking apart this barefaced criminal conspiracy to destroy the USA?!?!?!?!

Been reading your stuff for years and here we are facing by far the biggest challenge ever and you guys are asleep at the switch.

As you folks are famous for writing, SOTN is AWOL … out to lunch … nobody home.

Geez, here we are moments to midnight and you guys are totally flatfooted.

Is it because of the disingenuous BLM charge of racism being leveled at every honest critic of their openly subversive movement?

Hey, we really don’t care why SOTN has woefully failed to lay bare the sinister BLM plot like your researchers do to everything and everybody else.

All we do care about is that you start telling the raw truth—NOW!  Post-haste as you guys always say.

That the BLM terrorist organization is right now painting signage on major streets and thoroughfares across the USA should tell y’all just how powerful the real BLM backers are.

WOW!!!!!!  Where no one else has ever gone, or ever gotten away with, BLM somehow paints their name in BIG BOLD LETTERS on public streets, no less… and on the Main Streets, at that.

So, when you guys and gals decide to get off your duffs and do something about this slow-motion BLM train wreck, hopefully you’ll go in all the right directions.

Just in case you don’t, we’re gonna throw y’all a couple of bones.

First, the black-on-black murder rate in all the big cities like Chicago, NYC, LA, Detroit, Houston, Atlanta, etc. is through the roof—literally!  Those black mayors and mostly black city councils not only do nothing to stop the killing of black children and black elderly, young black men and women, they actually keep the malicious policies firmly in place.  That’s right: they actually created the lethal laws of their own urban jungles.  So, if black lives really matter to the self proclaimed black civil right ‘stalwarts’, why have they only exacerbated the problem FOR THEIR OWN?!?!

Second, all of the hard data proves that many police departments — in all 50 states — have gone ballistic, especially where it concerns shooting and killing innocents citizens.  This unacceptable predicament only gets worse by the day, and it happens to people of every race.  Not just blacks, but LOTs of white people, brown and yellow people, as well as red folks on the rez.  Just go to the Internet and search “police brutality” and you’ll see a LOT of white folks getting terrorized and killed by the cops—the relatively few bad cops.  There are also many folks who are killed and tasered for no reason, right along with their black brethren and sisters.

Now here’s a third bone as a bonus.  It deals with a HUGE psyop— and you guys know all about those, right?!  This BLM psyop is proving to be the greatest GASLIGHTING operation in American history … … … in world history.  Until the America people wake up to the brutal fact that they are being gaslighted 24/7 around all matters concerning African-Americans, racism, Black Lives Matter, reparations, white privilege, social justice, and so on, this dangerous state of affairs will only get worse—MUCH WORSE!

If you want to save the country, SOTN, start right there.  Then peel back all the layers of this psyop onion and the core problem will eventually reveal itself.  If any Alt Media platform can do it, you can.

Now, keep up the great work!  You got until Election Day to tamp this thing down, once and for all.  Otherwise, the BLM crazymakers will light the fuse using a race war to trigger a second civil war on U.S. soil.  Btw, I got that from State of the Nation!

A longtime SOTN reader
SOTN Exclusive
September 5, 2020

SOTN Editor’s Note: As a result of the preceding “Letter to the Editor”, the following article has been featured for the second time on SOTN.  It provides some very important understanding which was not addressed in this well-intentioned letter. See: The Shocking Police Brutality Across America Is Being Both Staged And Provoked At The Same Time—WHY & WHO?







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