Trojan horses throughout America have accomplished their mission

Something On Words and Images

by Peter Le Ray

Hi, please recall here talking with a friend. They offer you silence and you “broadcast” noises with your lungs, tongue and mouth. The air between you and they becomes a “media” or medium, something in the middle. Your verbal “transmission” vibrates very fine membranes in the “receiver’s” ear and larynx which in turn becomes pictures, photos or images in their mind’s eye or imagination, the original canvas or screen. The sound dog becomes a picture of a dog. The sound brown becomes a brown dog. Conversing is a “slow” process.

Your friend can STOP you at any moment and share their point of view or ask for more detail. You won’t hog the “airwaves”, nor will they. With these written words you can STOP when ever you choose. You are free. I can’t force them into you. You can STOP here and go back up to the top or activate your memory to verify these ideas from your own real life experience. YOU are in CONTROL. Please ask yourself if you could just listen and listen and listen to your friend without needing to speak as well. What is your answer?

When a talking machine called radio was invented around 1910, mechanical speakers allowed a stranger to talk and talk into the yielding ears of millions. He never offered them his listening ear. He never stopped talking. Those millions had to listen and listen and listen. They COULD NOT interrupt or stop the hidden person from speaking. They COULD NOT ask for more clarity, they COULD NOT ponder on something already said, “they had to shut up” and absorb more and more content without being able to vet it, that was a HUGE behavioral change in the whole, very long, history of human communication.

In 1940 a picture and talking machine began entering people’s homes. It was called a “tell a vision”……whose vision would it be? That machine made pictures so that listeners and watchers did not have to convert words heard, into their own mind pictures. Did people’s imaginations begin to die off then? Before TV, people played board games, talked about their day, told and read stories, danced, went for evening walks …all were controllable activities.

Radio and telly outpourings could “not be controlled”; they demanded complete submission and passive silence. Where we trained by them to hand over our minds to whoever spoke and offered pictures. The flicker rate on screens created a relaxing alpha brain wave state…”you are getting sleepy”. Being stimulated by swiftly changing ideas and scenery requires less effort than remembering, imagining, concentrating, speaking, reading, playing games and walking. Modern children did not see adults doing such things and so that might explain why they are so addicted to wee screens.

Here we are more or less 70 years after those trojan horses began their task of inducing mental, verbal and physical passivity. A huge dependence or addiction has been created in the process. Most humans cannot get through a day without a mechanical speaker or some machine “occupying” their mind, like an invading army. Being alone and in silence scares many people; they feel they need a machine. Studies have found that people check their mobile phones and emails about 150 times a day. If a child washed their hands 150 times a day “off to the doctor they would go”.

Houston, do we have a problem?

Best wishes,

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