BLM Terrorists Outright Coercing Support from Business Owners in Louisville

BLM protesters gang up on a gun-toting Louisville store owner and demand he agree that Black Lives Matter after one of his buildings ‘was FIREBOMBED’ during the third night of Breonna Taylor demonstrations in the city

  • A group of BLM protesters were filmed confronting Louisville store owner Fadi Faouri on Friday  
  • Faouri was grilled over his views on the BLM movement and the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor 
  • The two parties faced off after Faouri refused to say whether or not he believed ‘black lives matter’  
  • Protests continued Friday in New York and in other cities around the country including Boston, San Diego, LA, Oakland and Louisville over a grand jury’s decision not to charge officers with Breonna Taylor’s death
  • In Los Angeles, footage was captured showing an LA County Sheriff’s deputy using his riot shield to slam a Black Lives Matter protester into the ground on Friday night 
  • In New York, hundreds marched through Brooklyn from the Barclays Center to the Brooklyn Bridge, where they sat and refused to move for more than two hours
  • The Oakland Police Department said more than 250 protesters became ‘immediately violent’ and threw bottles and cans at officers in the downtown area  


A group of Black Lives Matter protesters were filmed in a tense confrontation with a Louisville store owner after they demanded he voice his support for the movement during a third night of Breonna Taylor demonstrations in the city.

Footage of the incident, shared on Twitter by a reporter for conservative news site Daily Caller, shows a small crowd of BLM activists grilling business owner Fadi Faouri, as he stands outside his store holding a rifle.

During the encounter, the group is seen ganging up on Faouri for several minutes as they challenge his views on the BLM movement and the police shooting of Breonna Taylor after he refuses to say he supports the cause.

The exchange kicks off after a man asks Faouri, ‘do black lives matter?’ to which he replies: ‘If you’re a good person I will care about you, if you’re a bad person….’ before shrugging.

The man then asks him if ‘Breonna Taylor matters’. Faouri hesitates for a few seconds before responding: ‘Does it matter? I don’t know.’

The confrontation turned tense after Faouri repeatedly skirted the question and refused to say directly if he did or did not support Black Lives Matter

The conversation turned tense after a woman comes into frame questioning his response and more members of the crowd start urging Faouri to explain what he means.

‘Are you trying to intimidate me? I’m not playing that game,’ Faouri says, as he explains that he is trying to protect his business.

An argument then ensues as the group starts to close in on the store owner and continue to demand he say whether or not he believes in their cause. A person in the background can be heard shouting, ‘we don’t want your business’.

Faouri turns his attention to the initial male protester telling him he will not be forced to say anything he doesn’t believe. ‘Nobody can intimidate me,’ he says.

The two parties continue to argue for several seconds but Faouri remains defiant in his refusal to engage in their debate and the protesters eventually disperse, with the exception of one woman.

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