How is it that the Holy Grail of Covid is based on this?!

So the holy grail of Covid is based on a PCR test.

This test is performed by swabbing the nose or throat.

Then it’s amplified using PCR to detect a gene sequence believed to be Covid19.

This test in no way can detect any live virus or how much viral load.
And we only have the corrupt WHO word this is what they’re actually looking for.

If the test is positive we are being told this person has an infectious respiratory disease and could spread it to anyone.

No blood test or x ray is needed to clinically diagnose.

This is pure and unadulterated horseshit.

These people obviously think we’re stupid.

I honestly can’t understand how anyone would fall for this.

And governments are basing policies and telling people how to live their lives based on this test.

Astonishing. It’s complete lies. It’s medical fraudulence.

And they know it.

Comment submitted by Paul


The Covidean Creed

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