In fact, Trump has not scientifically tested positive for COVID-19. Here’s why!

Perceptive Comment Posted a ZeroHedge Reader

Tyler, when it’s finances you are very factual, opposing even the most heavily driven mainstream narratives.

Trump does not have Covid-19.

He has been given a claimed positive test result.

What this means technically is that he got a positive result coming from a PCR test.

It can only test for a fraction of a ribonucleic acid believed to be the strain of the supposed virus.

Let asside the fact of all the false positives the test creates, the test also creates a positive result with any other supposed coronavirus.

The test

– cannot prove a virus.

– cannot prove if someone is actually infected.

– cannot prove if someone is actually ill.

– cannot prove if the supposed virus is able to replicate within the person.

– cannot prove if the supposed virus is actually within the cells of the person.

– cannot prove a necessary viral load.

Apart from the technical issues, the RNA strain claimed to be that of the supposed Covid-19 coronavirus is questionable to begin with, since the virus has not been isolated until today.

These are the facts.

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