Dr. Barna Donovan Uses His St. Peter’s University Platform to Launch Aggressive Anti-Truth Movement

Witness Account of “Anti-Truth Conference” Zoom Meeting Reveals
a Dangerous Jesuit Conspiracy

SOTN Editor’s Note: Several emails were sent to SOTN prior to the Anti-Truth Conference alerting us to the reprehensible event being sponsored by a liberal Jesuit university.  The following witness account was emailed describing what quite predictably transpired.

To the State of the Nation…

I read your story about the major Anti-Truth conference at St. Peter’s University on the 13th and I tried to join, getting exactly the same censored and controlled propaganda operation you warned about.

Nobody who was not a part of the school was allowed to ask a question.

It was an hour and a half of the government’s version of everything from 9/11 to Covid and chemtrails and vaccines. They kept repeating how to trust the mass media and schools and Big Pharma to know everything and tell us the truth about everything.

The final word from that government shill professor Barna Donovan was to never trust the word “alternative.” It was all over the screen in huge lettering like a true brainwashing propaganda operation. I imagine this is the way he runs his classes. I read his blog after your article and he says so. It’s all about indoctrinating students in every article when he is not trying to sell his books. But you are supposed to avoid anything that calls itself alternative. That was the last word on everything in this scam conference.

The chat room was full of questions from Truth Movement members but they refused to answer anything.

I wonder what the point was of holding this conference in October that was so much about everything 9/11. Could there be major 9/11 truths coming out soon, more evidence of a government inside job and conferences like this are a pre-emptive psyop to prepare college students to reject all the “alternative” truths.

Very disappointing but didn’t surprise me.


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