Biden Laptop Exposes Profound and Pervasive Political Corruption Across America

How the Hunter Biden laptop reveals pervasive corruption that’s destroying America

By Scott Powell
Canada Free Press.

Oh, those pesky laptop computers, and the problems they create for corrupt politicians in election years!

Just two or three weeks prior to the Presidential election in 2016, it was files on the Anthony Weiner laptop that became public as the subject of an FBI investigation of Hillary Clinton, which helped seal defeat in her 2016 Presidential bid.  Now less than two weeks before the 2020 Presidential election, information retrieved from the hard drive of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop revealing international money laundering and politically corrupt deals struck with the Chinese using the Biden name—with new details breaking every day—could and should doom the Presidential candidacy of Joe Biden.  Additionally, within the last few days, two of Hunter Biden’s former business partners, Bevan Cooney and Tony Bobulinski have come forward with voluminous email and cell phone records that provide corroborating evidence on the Biden Family political crime syndicate.

While the Biden family corruption with ties to the Chinese Communist Party has huge implications for national security

While the Biden family corruption with ties to the Chinese Communist Party has huge implications for national security,  surrounding this is a story of corruption in America that is frighteningly bigger, transcending the immediacy of this election—because it envelops so many of the institutions, agencies and bureaucracies vital to keeping America a free and independent country.

First there is the media, which used to be thought of as a fourth estate bringing another level of checks and balances to government.  For the first two hundred years of American history, no one doubted or questioned the fact that the media was a necessary institution to protect and ensure the integrity of the American democratic republic by informing voters of vital information bearing on candidates for public office, with the Presidency clearly being the most important office.

Now we have the spectacle of the mainstream media not only ignoring a record of political payoffs documented in Hunter Biden’s verified correspondence found on his computer’s hard drive—corroborated by two former business associates—but also a media blackout on the recently released Senate Intelligence Committee report that contains confirmation by the U.S. Treasury Department of a $3.5 million wire transfer from the wife of a prominent Russian politician in Moscow to Hunter Biden, and by implication to the Joe Biden family, allegedly for consulting services.

Social media is now the primary source of news for nearly half the population in America. Breathtaking audacity of censorship by Twitter and Facebook of America’s 5th largest newspaper, the New York Post, is there for all to see.  It was the New York Post that had the courage to break the Hunter Biden scandal and continue to document how Hunter cashed in on his father’s name and position in myriad politically corrupt business dealings with America’s adversary China.  Way beyond bias, this social media censorship reveals a new level of Orwellian manipulation and attempted social and political control.

Clearly the Deep State is alive and well at the FBI and CIA

Key government agencies for the nation’s survival include the eyes and ears of the intelligence agencies.  The Federal Bureau of Investigation is of course the nation’s chief law enforcement agency, but it is also in charge of counter-intelligence and internal national security.  Political corruption and insubordination prompted the firing of Director Jim Comey.  But has much changed under his successor Chris Wray becoming the new director three years ago?

The FBI’s handling of the Hunter Biden hard drive and laptop, of which they had possession for the last nine months tells us all we need to know. In fact we probably wouldn’t have known of the FBI possession of this evidence, unless reported by the Post or some other reputable media source.

There’s probably information on that hard drive that could have abbreviated or stopped the politically motivated Congressional impeachment coup.  Crickets on that from the FBI.  But more important and more disturbing… Why was there no action from the FBI when that hard drive provided clear and voluminous evidence of high level Chinese Communist Party involvement with Hunter Biden and his partners on deals and by implication the potential blackmail of Joe Biden that could compromise American national security? Clearly the Deep State is alive and well at the FBI.

Next, let’s look at the Central Intelligence Agency, and see what has changed since the disgraced Obama-appointed CIA Director John Brennan has been replaced by Gina Haspel. First a refresher on Brennan.  Even before Peter Strzok hatched the FBI’s “Crossfire Hurricane” on July 31, 2016—Brennan had already stepped over a bright white line in establishing a secret “task force” out of CIA Langley headquarters with its own separate budget to ostensibly investigate the Trump campaign and alleged ties to Russia in hopes the Trump candidacy could be destroyed.

Brennan’s successor, CIA Director Gina Haspel is stonewalling the declassification of documents detailing Brennan’s corruption

Now Brennan’s successor, CIA Director Gina Haspel is stonewalling the declassification of documents detailing her predecessor’s corruption and the comprises at the highest level of the intelligence community during the 2016 election—preventing the American people from understanding the truth of what happened.  Why?  Many might assume she’s doing that out of a sense of loyalty to the CIA.  A more plausible explanation is concern about her own culpability.

Haspel was handpicked by Brennan to serve as CIA Chief of Station in London—arguably one of the agency’s most important and powerful positions overseas—responsible for the relationship with British Secret Intelligence Service, the MI6, and by extension the intelligence services of the British Commonwealth. In her London position, Haspel was aware of former MI6 agent Christopher Steele being a confidential but unreliable informant for the FBI.

According to Charles “Sam” Faddis, a retired CIA operations officer and former head of the CIA’s Counter Terrorism Center (CTC)’s Weapons of Mass Destruction unit, Haspel had to have been briefed on the existence and scope of CIA Director Brennan’s task force and the FBI’s related Crossfire Hurricane. This was of course the “Russian collusion” smear campaign against Donald Trump—that originated with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and the leadership of the CIA and the FBI.  After the election that effort simply morphed into a coup attempt—based on Russian collusion—to depose a duly elected President.

As the head of the CIA, Haspel should be a willing supporter of efforts to get to the bottom of the conspiracy to overthrow the President and trash the Constitution of the United States. But the inaction of stonewalling and obfuscation suggests her enmeshment in the Deep State never really ended and the coup still has legs.

The problems of corruption and disloyalty to the Constitution that exist in the U.S. intelligence agencies

The problems of corruption and disloyalty to the Constitution that exist in the U.S. intelligence agencies, which are the frontline eyes and ears of defense, are also manifest in the last line of defense—the DOD and its 4 military branches. Two initiatives were undertaken by President Obama that resulted in extensive damage to the morale and order within the U.S. military. Starting in his first term and continuing into the second, Obama purged almost 200 senior officers who were known as traditionalists committed to the idea that the job of the military is to win wars, not engage in social engineering and social justice.

Those fired and lapsed officers were all replaced with Democratic loyalists, many of whom were leftists whose allegiance was to political correctness and the Deep State rather than the Constitution of the United States. One such officer, Admiral McRaven, gave bin Laden a respectful private burial, and once out of the military he wrote an op ed for the New York Times suggesting a military coup against Trump was a viable option. On the occasion of the U.S. military’s success in taking out ISIS caliphate Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, Obama-appointed Joint Chiefs Vice Chair, James Winnefeld was deeply offended by Trump’s masterful psychological war move of verbal telegraphing to Baghdadi’s followers that “he died like a coward.”

The success in politicizing much of the military officer corps was complemented by Obama’s second action—the issuance of Executive Order 13583—directing “government-wide diversity and inclusion training,” which by 2020, focused on Marxist critical race theory training to be conducted in all government agencies, including each of the military service branches of the Department of Defense.

Trump’s first term, with multiple incidents of DOD officials and officers publicly disagreeing with, disavowing, rebuking and disobeying the Commander in Chief

The result of these two initiatives has not only done irreparable harm to troop morale, but it has engendered insubordination within the officer corps, which has been on display during Trump’s first term, with multiple incidents of DOD officials and officers publicly disagreeing with, disavowing, rebuking and disobeying the Commander in Chief. In early September 2020, five days after President Trump signed a new executive order to override the prior order no. 13583, to ban all government agencies from engaging in sensitivity training involving anti-American propaganda and Marxist critical race theory, Vice Admiral Sean Buck, the 63rd superintendent of the U.S. Naval Academy defied that order, proclaiming that “Training sessions about the importance of diversity…are scheduled…for all faculty and staff and …[and] for all classes of midshipmen throughout the fall semester.”

Even those who doubt the existence of a Deep State have to acknowledge that gross insubordination would destroy the military. Nearly four years into the Trump administration it’s time for America’s so-called “elite” to own up to the fact that however much they dislike Trump or any other political leader, a coup that succeeds also destroys the Constitution and the imperfect virtue in the sovereignty of the people established through elections. It would encourage and empower more bad actors on the world stage by relegating the United States to the status of banana republics, which are invariably characterized by incessant violent power struggles and pervasive economic destruction and mass poverty. Just who are these “elites” who would wish this on Americans?


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