Rudy Giuliani goes nuclear on ‘the prince of darkness, Joe Biden’

America’s Mayor Rudy Giuliani knew he’d get dragged through the mud for exposing Joe and Hunter Biden. It was worth it to him and now he’s fighting back.

by JD Rucker

Let’s get something out of the way right off the bat. If you’re not subscribed to Rudy Giuliani’s YouTube channel, you’re missing pure fire. He brings as much heat as is allowed, and often more. His latest video is as hot as it gets as he calls out mainstream media, Big Tech, and the Democratic Party for propping up “the prince of darkness, Joe Biden.”

The 1:52 in this Twitter video is amazing, but I’ve also included the entire show below.


Giuliani has taken some hits and kept on going since releasing Hunter Biden’s laptop to the NY Post. Hollywood leftist Sacha Baron Cohen came at him with a ludicrous prank that Giuliani handled well. Mainstream media has painted Giuliani as a conspiracy theorist. Democrats have said he’s colluding with Russians because, well, that’s the only reaction in their playbook whenever they’re caught in massive lies. All the while, Giuliani has not just persevered. Her’s thrived.

Here’s the full video:

He didn’t just go after the Bidens. With nearly all of mainstream media and Big Tech suppressing the story for lack of “proof,” Giuliani had a direct message to them.

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“So you want proof, NY Times? You want proof, Twitter? You want proof, Facebook? You want proof, you corrupt, lying, whatever you are?” he said before slamming his hand down on the desk. “Here’s the proof. I didn’t write it. Russians didn’t right it, and I didn’t get the $30 million. Your prince got it, the prince of darkness, Joe Biden.”

He then listed some of the people associated with the interactions Hunter Biden had in Ukraine, Russia, and China, people who were not only dangerous but who actively work against the United States. And, as Giuliani noted, Hunter Biden was doing these things FOR his father.

“You couldn’t find some bum in Washington to do this for you?” Giuliani asked. “You had to use your son and ruin his life, and you want to be president of our country?”

The overarching message from Giuliani to Joe Biden is this: “You should check into the local federal prison and start doing your time. That’s where you belong, not in the White House.” Hopefully millions of Americans will agree on Tuesday.

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