How Could Biden Govern at This Point of Total Fraud?

Posted By: Lion

Even though “these people are really stupid”, meaning Biden, the corrupt mob behind Biden and the 12-15 people who actually cast a vote for Biden, could they possibly be that obvious, and still expect America to see them as anything but gangsters who stole the election?

The ‘evidence’ being presented by the Biden gang for stealing votes is getting more and more absurd by the day.

A candidate who suffers badly from dementia, and can’t remember who he is, or where he is most days, got ‘more votes than any candidate in history’ – according to CBS.

Raise your hand if you honestly believe Biden is even capable of public office of any kind.

Can anyone really see this feeble old corpse as President of the USA??

Are you kidding me?

When Joe is in a wheelchair, sniffing a stuffed bunny rabbit, do you really want Harris or Pelosi to be running the show?

It has been said that politicians are some of the most ignorant people on the planet.


How about CBS?

How about the 12-15 people who actually voted for Biden, or any one who buys that line of claptrap Biden actually won anything?

How about the communist operatives putting out fake election results, and expecting the American people not to see the obvious?

Do those individuals get any Sharpie awards?

If the majority of American people – who DID NOT vote for the “Weekend at Biden’s” star – turn a blind eye to this, without objecting – they will get every thing they didn’t asked for – and more.

Can you imagine having a whole country like the corrupt state government of Michigan?

A state where a majority of residents see the corrupt governor as a revolting twit who should be run out of office and arrested for crimes against the people?

It wont be pretty.



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